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Discover Way on How to Transfer Outlook Express DBX to Gmail in 2 Steps

Learn How to Transfer Outlook Express DBX to Gmail in 2 simple steps. Read Complete Blog to Import Outlook Express to MBOX and MBOX into Gmail Account

Thursday, October 12, 2017

/ by Peter Barris

It is quite easy to move Outlook express contacts to Gmail but, difficult to export messages. There is no systematic guide available in digital marketing arena that provides the solution on how to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail. This is the reason why we are here to equip all possible workarounds to move messages from Outlook Express to Gmail account.

Solution To Import Outlook Express Messages To Gmail

There is only one approach to attempt the Outlook express to Gmail migration, which involves execution of following 2 major steps :
  • Convert DBX file to MBOX, and
  • Import MBOX to Gmail account
After completely finishing up with above two mentioned steps, users will be able to switch from Outlook Express to Gmail. So, let's begin with the description of both these steps!

Step #1: Convert Outlook Express DBX To MBOX

Firstly, you have to export DBX files of Outlook Express to MBOX format. The manual conversion measure involves installation of two email clients on one PC i.e., Thunderbird and Outlook Express. After this, follow below-mentioned instructions to carry out the conversion :
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine and go to Tools >> Import

  • Select the items to be imported in Thunderbird from source email client and then, click on Next to proceed    

  • Choose Outlook Express from the list of options and click Next

  • A Windows Explorer wizard will appear in which you have to choose the folder having .dbx files
  • Click on Next to start with the required migration procedure
Finally, all the email folders of your Outlook Express program will be imported in Mozilla Thunderbird. This might consume time because it is totally dependent upon the amount of data to be moved

Thunderbird email client provides really a good feature to import DBX files into it. But, this procedure requires full concentration while its implementation. It is so because if something goes wrong then, a person is going to suffer a big data loss. Apart from this, the presence of email clients is mandatory while working with the measure. There is no guarantee of data integrity while execution of the manual procedure.

Now a question strikes in mind - If this approach is having so many cons that what to do now? Will it be possible to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail? Don’t worry still an approach is available to convert Outlook Express DBX to MBOX. The measures involve utilization of a software named as DBX to MBOX converter. The program is providing simple clicks solution to export DBX files of Outlook Express to MBOX format. It transfers DBX files in bulk and saves them in MBOX format. No Thunderbird or Outlook express installation needs to attempt migration with help of this approach. This means that the product offers an independent workaround to carry out the file conversion. Apart from all this, it is 100% guaranteed that existing data will be kept intact throughout the process.

Step #2: Import MBOX file in Gmail Account

Learn the location of a MBOX file, which is created either by manual approach or through DBX to MBOX Converter. After this, you have to import .mbox file in the Gmail account that you can perform either with Import option of Gmail or Google Gmail Loader for Migration. When this step will be successfully completed, you will finally be able to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail.

#1: Use Import Option of Gmail Id

  • If the source MBOX file is created from any other program other than Thunderbird then, import this mailbox in Thunderbird; else skip Step (1)
  • Open your Gmail id in which you want to transfer Outlook Express data and click on Settings icon >> Settings option  

  • Click on Account and Import tab and then, hit on Import mail and contacts

  • A new web page will appear in which you have to enter your Mozilla Thunderbird email id. Click on Continue  

  • On the current screen, you are going to find following 4 options :
    Import mail
    Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
    Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)
    Add label to all imported mail
  • Choose any one or more option from the provided list and hit on Import for initiating the transfer procedure
  • A page will appear through which you’ll come to know that data importing procedure is completed. Click on OK to proceed further

#2 : Using Google Gmail Loader for Migration

This is a free utility that moves data items from some particular file format directly to the Gmail profile. It works smoothly with different email files like Babyl, maildir, MMDF, and MBOX. This tool works with only those .mbox files that were generated from Thunderbird or Netscape.
  • From the official website, download and then install the Google Gmail loader on your machine. Once you are completely done with this, launch the product on your PC
  • Either fill up the server address of SMTP or leave SMTP text box as it . Try to attempt the default Gmail server.  

  • Click on Find button to add MBOX file in the free Google loader

  • Move towards the path where .mbox is stored, select that file, and click on Open to proceed. You can also choose a zipped file for multiple MBOX files selection. The ZIP file must be having only MBOX files within it

  • Click on the File Type field and choose MBOX to export the MBOX files

  • Take the cursor on Message Type field and select ‘Mail I Sent (Goes to Sent Mail)’ option. This option is selected only when you are moving messages in the Inbox folder of Gmail account

  • Fill up the valid credentials of your Gmail account in the selected field and hit on Send to Gmail button 
Time to Wrap Up
The measure on how to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail involves execution of only 2 simple approaches. If these 2 major steps are carried out in a correct manner then, nothing can stop you from successfully moving emails from Outlook Express to Gmail.
  1. Thank you for your article on Gmail. Gmail is by far my favourite email service.
    It was nice to learn something new.


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