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Questions to Ask before Hiring App Development Companies – Detailed Information

App development companies and questions to ask before hiring app development companies.

Monday, November 27, 2017

/ by Rollins Duke
Questions to Ask before Hiring App Development Companies
Probably, you have created a list of top app development companies and now you are confused which one to choose to get your app developed. Well, don’t worry, we have compiled a list of questions which you should ask before hiring app development companies.
Ask these questions to every app development agency on your list and it will help you to separate fake companies from genuine ones. 

Let’s now see the list of questions that you should ask before hiring app development companies: 

1. Can I interact with your previous and current clients?

Happy clients are a strong indication of how much does a corporation takes it business seriously. So, ask your app development agency to provide you its client details and then interact with them and see if satisfied are they from their work.
Most reputable app development agencies will consider this as an opportunity to show their domain work experience, but fake ones will try to make a fool out of you by trying to skipping the question or providing you wrong client details.

2. Can I take a look at your portfolio?

A good app development company always includes their portfolio on their website. So, take your time to explore their work and even manually test some of their recently developed apps to see their development quality. Also, consider how versatile their portfolio is! Like if they have mainly developed just productivity or utility apps, then it might not be a good idea to get your game app developed from them. 

3. Which app development process do you follow?

Efficient app development process makes sure that the app gets developed as per your specifications and that too on time. So, take time out of your busy schedule to understand how they are going to build your app. Nowadays, agile development process works pretty well for apps involving small to medium level of complexity. 

4. What’s your bandwidth like?

Before hiring a mobile app development company, take a look at the number of current projects they are working and if they provide any backup resources or not.

5. Do you understand my business model?

The hired app development company should understand your business model and the audience you are trying to target as it will help them to build your app targeting the specific audience and they can even suggest you some refinements as per their experience. Most importantly, you should also discuss which monetization strategy would work best for your app.

6. Explain your UI/UX design strategy:

User interface and experience are two main factors which can determine the success of an app on their own. So, it is pretty important for you to know which design principles the app company follows to design a tailor-made user interface based on the targeted audience.

7. How will you ensure the security of my app?

Developing an app is not only the main part, you should not neglect security factors too, as it can affect your business reputation even if your app gets hacked just once. Therefore, also ask them how they will tighten the security layers of the app to make it harder for hackers to penetrate.

8. Will I get free app maintenance period?

A well-reputed app development agency like Agicent will offer some sort of free maintenance period, though it is not compulsory. So, you must ask what are you getting in the overall package. 

9. How will I receive the project updates?

Most app companies provide weekly Skype and screen sharing sessions with developers working on your app. As you are the owner of the app project, you should ask for the project updates and notification policies from the company you are about to hire.

10. How will you transfer code ownership to me?

From app code to design files and other resources related to your project belong to you. Therefore you should ask how the company will transfer the app ownership to you after the end of the project.

11. Which third party SDKs, services, and frameworks will you use in my app?

Most mobile apps include 3rd party SDKs and frameworks to implement GPS, maps, translation and other advanced functionalities. As most of these APIs are not totally free to use, you should ask the app development agency which one they will use as it will help you to calculate the overall development cost and operating cost of your app gets live. 

So these were some main questions that you should definitely ask before hiring app development companies. This hiring checklist will help you to separate companies with lower reliability from the crowd. We wish you all the best for your recruitment process and will suggest to also look at the company's online reviews and ratings on Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. 

If you have some queries or doubts, write us at to get help from our technical app consultants for free.

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