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Learn To Import vCard to Office 365 Global Address List – Quick Tips

The process to transfer VCF to Outlook 365 gets easier. Import contacts to Office 365 global address list(GAL). Use manual way to move VCF files to Outlook 365 account

Thursday, November 30, 2017

/ by Peter Barris

Import vCard Contacts to Office 365

Office 365 is a web-based email client, which is provided by Microsoft. Through this, users can have access to their data from anywhere at anytime all around year. The mailing client has a wide range of features for saving and sharing data like - groups, clutters, power map, document conversation, video portal, yammer, Office suite and much more. Apart from all these features, the email platform benefits users with an option to manage contacts within it. Now a question arises that what if an individual is having his / her contacts saved in VCF file format on machine and he / she wants to upload this contact file in O365 tenant? Having a big question mark in mind? Don’t worry, here is the solution for this. The blog deals with all possible tips and tricks to migrate vCard contacts to Office 365 account.
Let’s have a look on user’s query, which illustrates real time problem that arose need to import VCF to Office 365 tenant:
 “I have a vCard file, which is carrying many contacts and other information about people. Now, I wish to export them all in my Outlook 365. However, once I tried a method but I lost some of my important contacts. This time I need an expert method by which I can import all contacts easily and safely. Please somebody suggest me some method for fixing this problem, I”ll be thankful to you for your valuable suggestions regrading the process to migrate vCards contacts to Office 365 account.

Solutions to Migrate vCard Contacts to Office 365

There is no direct option in Microsoft Office 365 account through which users can import vCard to Office 365. Well, an indirect technique exists by which they can attempt this task. Description of all the available approaches is illustrated in the upcoming content.

Approach 1 : Manual Method to import Contacts to Office 365 GAL

A manual procedure is suggested, which is application only on VCF file that comprises of one contact information within it. If the source vCard comprises of several contacts then, it will result in high data loss. Rest, follow the down written statements in a systematic manner to upload VCF file in O365 account:
  1. Configure your aimed Office 365 email id in Outlook 2016 and then click on File icon.
  2. Click on Open and Export >> Import/Export option to continue with the procedure to migrate vCard contacts to Office 365
  3. From the displayed actions list, choose Import a vCard file (.vcf) option and click Next to import vCard into Outlook 365
  4. Select the VCF file, which is to be uploaded in MS Office 365 tenant and hit Open 
  5. Go to the Contacts section in Microsoft Outlook and view the uploaded address book 
  6. Now Login into the targeted Office 365 with similar id you used in Outlook 2016 at the time of configuration 
  7. Move the mouse cursor towards Mail item and click on it 
  8. Here you have to hit Contact icon.
  9. All your contacts of vCard file are displayed here.
This manual method has some disadvantages like -
  • Not all types of vCard files will be supported by this manual technique.
  • Lengthy procedure need to enter credentials while login both in Outlook and Office 365.

Approach 2 : Automated Method to Migrate Contacts to Office 365

Due to less reliability and time taking procedure to import VCF to Office 365, users do not want to prefer this method, perhaps the method to transfer large amount vCard file is very typically as well through this process. Therefore, in this case there is only one option left - taking help of Third party utility to import contacts to office 365 Global Address List (GAL). If you have so many contacts in your vCard file and you do not want to loose any information from that in that situation we recommend vCard Importer Application. This measure will convert VCF file data in PST format then you can move every contact’s information in Outlook 365 account manually or through Office 365 Backup tool. Through this program, users will be rapidly able to migrate vCard contacts to Office 365 tenant in a hassle-free manner.

So, Which One is The Best?

Well, the choice is totally dependent upon the type of source VCF file. If the file is having few contact list only then, choose the manual approach otherwise to import vcf to Outlook 365 would be very tough job. Migrating bulk contacts through vCard file would be easier if you use automated way to import contacts to Office 365 global address list. We would like to end up on a node stating -
“The level of difficulty in the process to import VCF to Outlook 365 totally depends upon your choice”

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