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Migrate Gmail Calendar to Office 365

Migrate gmail calendar to Office 365 and get all data of Google calendar to O365 account. Know steps to import data from Google Calendar to Outlook.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Finding a relevant solution to migrate Google calendar to Office 365 is a though job. Do you know that the method that are covered on the web are already out casted and doesn’t even work properly. I have received multiple queries related asking method for importing Google calendar into Office 365, after doing a lot of market research I have tried a method that will surely help you out. Gmail is the email client which is used as a personal email account but when it come to have a business email client Outlook is much more preferred over Gmail. Outlook 365 is one of the trusted brand that have multiple features and utility embedded in it. In this section we would be covering the method that will help you in the process of G Suite to Office 365 Migration. You will be amazed to be the part of the manual trick, that help to perform this task. We will discuss both the methods as well as automated solution to migrate Google Apps Calendar to Office 365 account.

Query Related Migrating Gmail Calendar to Office 365

“I was thinking to export the mailbox of G Suite to Office 365. Later I realized that I do not require the entire mailbox, but just the Calendar. Therefore, I started to search a trick for that. However, the methods I found for the same were not trustworthy. I even asked from one of the colleagues, but I did not get a proper reply. Now, tired from all my efforts, I am posting here in search of a dependable solution to sync or link my Google Calendar into Outlook 365. Please help me out, it is urgent.” 
“Recently, I have downloaded the Gmail calendars and that zip file consists of 3 or 4 ICS files. Now, my senior wants me to shift these entire .ics files to Office 365 account. However, I do not have any idea about how to do it. I am sure there are numerous users who have done this before; therefore I want to know the easiest and quick method for the same if possible.”

I am sure these all queries will match with yours as well. If all these issues have come up with you then the method to migrate calendar from Gmail to Office 365 will help you.

Import G Suite Calendar to OWA Manually

Moving files from Google calendar to Office 365, can be performed easily by following these steps as mentioned :
  1. Firstly, open Gmail account and hit on Apps Menu icon, which is on the left side. You will get an option to choose different apps. Hit on Calendar option.
  2. Now, you will see the calendars on screen, add the event or meeting if needed. Click on My Calendars, it has a drop down list that provides you two options. This includes Create new calendar & Settings. You are required to click on Settings.
  3. In Calendar Settings option, just hit on Export Calendars. Once it is done, the process of calendar downloading in ICS format will begin.
  4. Next, log in to Exchange Online, where you wish to transfer or migrate Google Apps calendar to Office 365 account. Move to Calendar option, hit on Add Calendar and then on From file.
  5. As soon as you have done this, Browse iCalendar file that is downloaded by you from Gmail account and choose a name to see it in Microsoft Office 365. Store the chosen file by the click on Save.
  6. Finally, it reads Google calendar to Office 365 from Your Calendars options. 

Add Calendars From Google Apps to O365 Using Software

The above described manual solution is helpful to import Gmail calendars only. However, some users wish to move all the files to OWA and then they require a third party tool. This is here, an amazing software helps users i.e. G Suite to Office 365 Migrator to upload entire Google calendar into Office 365 account. This is an advanced utility that has been designed especially for moving the entire data of Google Apps, which includes emails, calendars, and contacts to Outlook 365. It keeps all the files safe and completes the process quickly. Moreover, it also provides the impersonation option and can filter the items while exporting.


A third-party tool to migrate Gmail calendar to Office 365 makes the entire conversion procedure rapid and trouble free. Though the manual steps are correct and works properly it may take time if the Gmail contains a lot of files and connection with calender.

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