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Learn to Export PST to MSG Files in Windows– Effortless Solution

Are you also one of the Outlook users who are searching for a solution to export PST to MSG files? Learn the different techniques to convert Outlook to MSG format.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Learn to Export PST to MSG Files in Windows– Effortless Solution
In the present era of technology, all the users are very much concerned about their personal and crucial data. All the users want to save the data in a safe, secure and an organized manner. That is why users want to extract MSG from PST file. Since Microsoft Outlook is an email application used by a large number of users throughout the world. The Outlook mailbox items including emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, etc. are stored in the data file. If the user wants to save a single mail in a single file then that particular mail is saved in MSG file in Microsoft Outlook. Nowadays, many users are looking for a solution to export PST to MSG files. Some of these user-queries are listed below:

I am having the bulk of Outlook mails stored in the PST file which is not required now but I want to save few of the desired emails from them. Can anyone please help me to convert Outlook to MSG format so that I can save them to my system.

I am having a large number of mails in my Outlook account and I want to send few of my mails to one of my friends. But this is a time-consuming process. Therefore, I need a technique using which I can export PST to MSG files so that I can send them at once to my friend. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!!

Need to Export PST to MSG Files

Sometimes, users need to export Outlook PST to MSG files to make the conversion process easier. Some of the many common reasons for executing this migration process are discussed below:
  • We all know that Outlook Data files have a predefined file size limitation, so if there is a large amount of data stored in the file, then there are more chances that the data gets corrupted.
  •  If multiple Outlook emails are required to be backed up, then creating a backup of that file is one option but is not a good one. 
  • If a user needs to send multiple emails but the user has a large number of emails stored in the PST file then it becomes very difficult for the user to search and send the selected mail messages.

How to Save Outlook Email to .msg

The Manual approach to export Outlook to MSG files is described in the simplest possible manner discussed below:
  • Create a new folder on your system. 
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Now, navigate to the inbox folder where your mails are stored. 
  • Select the desired mails one by one and export the particular mails to the newly created folder with the help of drag & drop option.
  •  If there are large number of mails, then repeat the above steps for all the emails that are to be exported
But there are certain limitations which are always associated with all the Manual techniques. These techniques are more complex and also consumes more time as well if you want to save a large number of Outlook mail messages.

Professional Approach

The above-discussed Manual Approach is the simplest and the easiest technique to export PST to MSG but if a user is having email messages in bulk then this process does not prove to be a feasible one. So, a third-party professional utility like SysTools PST Converter is preferred to easily export Outlook Mail to MSG. This tool also performs reliably while performing batch migration of the data without consuming much time.


After understanding different problems faced by the Outlook users while executing the migration process using the Manual approach. This blog describes the Manual as well as an Automated approach which is capable to export PST to MSG in batch. This application will also be used to perform the conversion process without any data loss/data corruption or any hassle.

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