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Learn How to Extract Data From Protected PDF Document

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

/ by Peter Barris

Most of the time while reading PDF documents, you came across with a situation where you need to copy or extract data from PDF files and get a hard copy of the file. To get the solution first we need to understand about PDF files. Adobe PDF documents occupy the highest position among different file formats. Because these files can be shared and exchange easily via web. Moreover, they can be sent with emails as attachments also. But, the problem arises when having a PDF file and unable to copy data from it. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss solutions to extract data from protected PDF files. But, before, coming to the solution let’s know about different types of securities in PDF files.

Instant Solution:If you want to copy or extract data from Adobe PDF files, then try PDF Restriction Remover software. It easily removes all security protections from PDF files.

Different Types of Password Security in Adobe PDF Files

PDF files provide high-security feature as compare to other file formats. There are several types of restrictions that PDF offers such as copying, printing, editing, filling forms, etc. Now, let's understand it more clearly -

Document Open Password

It is also known as User level password, it restricts the user from an opening of PDF files unless and until they provide the appropriate password to remove PDF protection. If the user is unable to insert the password then they can’t access PDF contents. But, as the document is supplied with the correct password, then the user can easily unlock adobe document.

Permissions Password

It is also known as Owner level password which restricts the users from performing operations on PDF. It includes copy, edit, print, etc. With this file security, users can open the permission restricted PDF file but, they can’t perform operations on PDF files.

What is the Need to Extract Data From Protected PDF Files?

Security is the major concern while exchanging data among users and adding protection in PDF documents becomes very popular. However, there are various scenarios where a user demand to extract data from secured PDF files, some of them are given below:

“I have some secure PDF documents which I received from company manager. But, these files are encrypted and I want to extract data from protected PDF document on urgent basis. Is there any solution to unprotect PDF file?”

“I have been assigned some reports which are in PDF file format, these reports need to be sent to some other organization urgently. As, they have to perform some modifications in the reports. However, the other organization members are unable to extract data from it. Because, our organization manager added copy restrictions in PDF, to make them secure. But, the problem is authority processing the password is absent for some days. So, is there the method to remove restrictions from PDF?

Manual Solution to Extract Data From Secured PDF Files

  • Firstly, drag secured PDF to Google Chrome browser
  • Then, Enter the database password in order to access the data
  • Type the appropriate password and click on Enter key to open the file
  • Navigate towards File menu on the top of Google Chrome and then, select Print option
  • Press Ctrl+P shortcut key if you are using Windows machine
  • Then, click on “Save as PDF” as the printer destination
  • Now, click on Save to save file to the desired destination
  • PDF file will not prompt again to enter the password when reopening of PDF in Google Chrome
  • Another option, if you have Already enabled the Google Cloud Print on your system
  • Select the Destination as “Save to Google Drive”
  • The free-password version of PDF file will be saved on Google Drive from a Web browser.

Note: This method is not suitable as it does not maintain original formatting of the PDF document and is the lengthy process. Therefore, in such situations, it is suggested to use the third-party solution.

Reliable Method to Extract Data From Protected PDF File

To overcome such limitations of manual solution users can opt for PDF File Restriction Remover software. This software removes all restrictions from protected PDF files. It allows the user to perform operations like copy, edit and print on PDF after removing restrictions.

Advantageous Features of the Software

  • This software remove restrictions from multiple PDF documents
  • After the unlocking of PDF files, you can save file at any desired location
  • Remove restrictions for printing, editing, copying and extracting data
  • View current permission status of PDF file in ‘After’ and ‘Before’ columns
  • Does not change the original formatting of file, it maintains data integrity.

Time to Conclude

In this blog section, we came across some user queries where users demand to remove restrictions from PDF files. Also, we have described both manual as well as the automated method to extract data from protected PDF file. Bit, manual solution is not easy as it seems to be. It is quite lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, it is suggested to use third party solution, this method is easy and remove restrictions in simple ways.

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