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What Employees Want: Attracting and Keeping The Best Workers

Friday, December 22, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
For your business to thrive you absolutely need a good workforce- you alone will not be able to run your business single-handedly. For the best chance of success, find people that are dedicated, hardworking and just as serious about the success of the company as you are. Having the best people on board will boost productivity and provide the best service to your customers and clients to keep them coming back. But to gain (and keep) great employees you need to have something worth offering. Here’s how you can make your company more enticing and snap up the best workers.

Offer Good Employee Benefits

Along with fair wages (you could pay based on experience) good employee benefits make your company an appealing place to work. This could be things like health, life, disability insurance along with pension and retirement packages. A company car, smartphone or laptop would go down well, sites like laptop.review have lots of comparisons so it's easy to make your decision. Have a think about what your staff would benefit from in their role, and provide these as part of your employee package.

Set Up a Good Office Space

The office is where workers will be spending most of their time, and a good office space will help them to feel happy and motivated. Psychologists have shown that daylight boosts both productivity levels and mood, so positioning desks close to windows will allow you to make the most of the natural light. Good quality equipment such as ergonomically designed desks and chairs along with powerful computers will allow staff to do their job quickly and efficiently. The layout is something you should consider too, everyone should be able to move around the office and there should be designated areas for all tasks, whether it's individual work, collaboration, meetings and more.

What Employees Want: Attracting and Keeping The Best Workers

Don't Overlook Team Building Activities

Your staff shouldn't just work well by themselves, but for the good of the company as a team too. Good communication and trust is essential for the smooth running of your business. As well as employing people that have been shown to work well in groups and teams, you could also invest in team building activities for your staff too. This could mean arranging a day of activities in the office or even an outing, lots of companies host specifically fun team building activities. Social gatherings like parties and dinners can also be useful too.

What Employees Want: Attracting and Keeping The Best Workers

Listen to Your Workers

As a good boss you would always listen and take on board what your staff members to say, whether it’s praise, complaints or queries. When workers feel as though they can come to with any issues, it builds trust in the team and means you will find out about many problems much earlier on. It's been established through research that being a boss that’s kind is beneficial, and being tough on your employees doesn’t actually lead to better productivity- just more stress.

What are you doing to attract and keep the best workers for your business?

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