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Rapidly Migrate Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail Account - Get Email, Contacts & Event to AWS

Migrate Office 365 account to Amazon WorkMail and get all the data fromOffice 365 to Amazon email client easily. Get all the mailbox data items of Office 365 account to AWS WorkMail and prevent any type of dataloss.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

/ by Peter Barris
Amazon is one of the leading company in terms of technology and product services. With its leading and fast grooming apps. there are multiple firms that are using Amazon WorkMail instead of Gmail or Outlook. But don’t expect that AWS WorkMail will change the way we use email. In essence, this email client bears a striking resemblance to any popular service we use in the past. The set up is easy to manage. If many companies AWS services already have set up and it may be worth setting up the email domain through WorkMail for the sake of convenience. That is why there are a lot of IT firms that are willing to migrate from Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail. Amazon WorkMail is even more secure email application that unable to access all messages, contacts, and calendars with a higher level of integration and mobile interactions and so on. In the following blog, we will migrate from Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail in a quick manner.

Migrate Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail Manually

These are the following steps that will help the users to migrate emails from Office 365 to AWS (Amazon WorkMail). Let’s take a look:
Step 1. Create or Enable Users on Amazon WorkMail
While creating the new user, Amazon WorkMail web application will create multiple mailboxes for them. Nevertheless, users can log in and access their emails from Amazon WorkMail, mobile phone, or MS Outlook on Mac platform or PC. Follow these steps to migrate Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail (AWS). 
Create New User
  • Open the Amazon WorkMail console 
  • If necessary, then, you can change the region. From the navigation bar, decide the region that meets your comfort. For more details, you can see Regions and Endpoints within the Amazon Web Services General Reference. 
  • On Organizations window, select the organization’s alias from a list of organizations 
  • From the navigation pane, choose Users to view the entire list of all users within the directory, including disabled, enabled, and system users 
  • Next, create a new user, Click to select option Create User 
  • On Add, the details for your new user screen, enter the first and last name, username, and view the particular name and then, click Next 
  • On the Setup email address and password wizard, type the email address and actual password and select Add user option 
Step 2: Migrate Towards Amazon WorkMail
During conversion from O365 to AWS, you have to promote Amazon WorkMail user as a migration administrator. You can mention migration administrator in the following ways:
  • Add a new user migration admin inside Amazon WorkMail console or also create the user migration_admin within the Active Directory
  • Enable particular user for the Amazon WorkMail application On Amazon WorkMail console, navigate towards Organizations settings from the Migration settings 
  • Now choose Edit button. Afterward, you need to specify a user that you have been designated as a migration administrator for the migration_admin field.

Use Automated Tool to Move Office 365 to AWS WorkMail

Well, end users can use trusted third party tool that allows transferring data from Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail web application. One of the best ways is Amazon WorkMail Migration Tool that can help the user to perform the complete conversion in an efficient and convenient way without any data loss. So, it is better to have some automated solutions that can help the user to easily migrate data from O365 to Amazon WorkMail account easily.

The Bottom Line

Office 365 and Amazon WorkMail both are the most dominant cloud-based services. Apart from this, moving data from one platform to another is not at all an easy task. During data, conversion users have faced certain problems to migrate to Amazon AWS. Thus, in the above section, we have described manual as well as an automated solution that will help to migrate Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail without any fear of data loss.

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