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Remove Password from Secured PDF Files in Few Simple Steps

Friday, March 9, 2018

/ by TechJessica
Remove Password from Secured PDF Files in Few Simple Steps
There are protections placed on a document to secure it from unknown access. It is to ensure that the data stored within is hidden from possible hacking or cyber attack. There are techniques to remove password from secured PDF files. It is to read a file for which password has been forgotten or changed by another user. This can be done by following instructions which have been mentioned in this post. Continue reading to find out more.

Instant Solution: To remove password security from PDF files quickly use PDF Password Remover Tool. It will remove password from secured PDF files instantly.

"Hi! I am in the administrative staff that works with employee queries on a daily basis. There are users who often look for ways to unlock password protected PDF files. I have searched multiple sites and blogs for similar solutions. Each user has their own opinion and none give a workable answer. Is there a proper technical step for this?"

"Hi! I have been using the Adobe Acrobat for quite some time. I create documents on it and print them out for official work. Often we encrypt the file to protect it from being published and save it on desktop PC. I added print restrictions on it, but now I need to take the printout of the file on urgent basis. Can anyone suggest me the best solution so that I can remove security? It would be a great help and could you help me with this?"

Different Types of Password Added to PDF

There are different types of passcodes. A user needs to fully understand the concept involved in trying to remove password security from PDF files. Here is a list of the important ones:

Owner Password:
People set owner level security to keep other people from printing, copying or modifying text, adding or deleting pages in your PDF files.

User Password:
This password is applied to PDF documents so that any unauthorized person cannot open the file. The password is needed to open the file.

Manual Method to Remove Password from Secured PDF File

Following are the instructions to remove security from PDF files:

Solution#1 Unlock Password Protected PDF By Google Chrome
  • First, drag and drop the document to the browser window
  • Then, use the ‘Open With’ option to open the PDF file using Google Chrome
  • For Windows users, right-click on the context menu and Browse to the location where the PDF file is saved
  • Now, a prompt message will appear saying ‘This document is password-protected. Please enter a password’
  • Then, put the user level password and click on the Submit button
  • Print the file by clicking the Ctrl+P key
  • Then, click on ‘Save as PDF’ option & hit Save button
  • Now, this will create a password-free PDF file
Solution#2 Remove Password from Secured PDF By Adobe Acrobat
  • Firstly, click on your password protected PDF document & Open with Adobe Acrobat
  • Enter the Document Open password so that you can open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  • click on the File and select Properties
  • On the Document Properties, select the Security tab
  • Choose No Security option from the drop-down
  • Click on the OK button to confirm
  • Then, again hit OK to close the Document Properties dialog
  • Lastly, save the unlocked PDF file

Note: With the above manual solution user can remove password from secured file but, it has some limitations such as lengthy and time-consuming process. Users must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat to perform the process.

Professional Method to Unlock Password Protected PDF File

There are experts who look for workarounds to use the manual method to Remove Password from Secured PDF. They find that it may take a lot of time and efforts. There are third-party tools that have been designed just for this purpose. One such software is the PDF Password Remover. It is a simple tool that can be used for printing, copying, editing and extracting text. It is a stand-alone application which can work without the Adobe Acrobat installation. The utility is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista or earlier ones.


The encryption of any document is provided to secure a file for wrongful access. There can be cases where a user forgets their password and cannot access the file. But, there are techniques to remove password from secured PDF file. These are simple steps which can be performed by a non-technical person. These important instructions need to be followed precisely to avoid any data loss. There is an alternative suggested which can work to unlock password protected PDF files. This is a basic tool which can be downloaded from the company website.

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