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Can I Trust You?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Trust, as it happens, is a lot more than a simple emotional response to a relationship. Trust is an essential question you need to answer in your business life as well. Indeed, without trustworthy interactions and behaviors, you inevitably put your company at risk. Whether you rely on people who are not looking after your best interests – or the best interests of your customers – or whether your infrastructure system is not up-to-date with the latest technology, it is the duty of the entrepreneur to ensure that the company can count on reputable and reliable elements, processes and resources. At every stage of your business strategy, you need to process confidential information, innovative ideas and valued outputs that should only be shared with carefully selected individuals and teams. Needless to say, you have to protect your company and customers by asking and answering the most important business question: Can I trust you?

Can I Trust You?

Are you my real customer?

Getting the identity of your customers mixed up – by no CRM fault – can be devastating. What if a customer had arranged for delivery and the courier mistakenly left the parcel with the wrong person? Or what if someone decides to get in touch and change the customer data over the phone and you have no way of verifying that they are, indeed, your customer? The consequences could be devastating for your company and your customers, so that’s precisely why you need to look for an identity check solution. Like many other businesses, you can trust Jumio when identity matters. Indeed, the solution allows your customers to validate their identity on the go, using processes as quick and easy as taking a selfie. You can be guaranteed that your customers always get exactly what they paid and asked for.

Are you a trustworthy employee?

Have you ever wondered whether your employees were reliable? If you feel that one of your employees might be putting the team at risk or may be causing damages to the business, you can run a screen check on their background. It is fair to say that while a background check can’t be used for termination evidence, it can provide useful information for you to act upon. Additionally, if you’re in the process of hiring, such checks can ensure that you can choose the more reliable person for the job. However, one thing is for sure: You need to ask for consent before proceeding to the check.

Is my data safe?

In the business world, most data are stored digitally, from your financial information to your customers’ confidential data. Unfortunately, hackers are a creative bunch; you need to keep your IT system up-to-date to ensure that nobody can gain easy access. A data breach can have lasting consequences, for your customers – especially as private information can be repurposed by hackers who want to assimilate a customer’s identity online – and for your company’s reputation. Similarly, it’s also important at this stage to limit within your structure the resources who can see and manage confidential data. Even if you can rely on your employees for their discretion, an accidental manipulation can easily happen.

At the end of the day, trust is the backbone of a healthy business. If you don’t put your trust in the most reliable resources, it’s fair to say that you are probably trusting the wrong ones!

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