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Troubleshoot the Issue of Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook Address Book

Are you getting error importing Excel into Outlook? Find the solution as we will learn how to import Excel contacts in Outlook without any issues.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

/ by TechJessica
Troubleshoot the Issue of Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook Address Book Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook - Find the Solution
Contacts are an indispensable part of communications and for any email client to function properly, we need to have contacts. For many obvious reasons, we have to import contacts into Outlook. As Excel file is a convenient format for storing contacts, people often import contacts from Excel spreadsheet to Outlook address book. While doing this, they encounter various errors. This post has been designed to explore the errors users usually encounter while transferring contacts to Outlook. To begin with, we will see how to get over this issue of getting error importing Excel into Outlook.
It is not possible to directly transfer Excel contacts in Outlook manually since Outlook does not support Excel file format for import. That is the reason users have to convert the Excel file contacts in CSV format and then import that CSV file into MS Outlook. The entire process is a long one and not free from limitations. Users often face various issues and getting error importing Excel into Outlook. Here are some of the common errors users get during contact transfer.

Issues Occurring during Contacts Migration

Missing Contacts Information: When users use the manual method to transfer Excel contacts to Outlook, often they find some information missing. For example, a person has 4 phone numbers and 2 email ids. After migration, only 1 phone number and 1 email id can be found. This sort of issues can cause serious trouble to Outlook users.
No Contacts Appear in Outlook: Sometimes after complete contacts migration, Outlook users find that none of the contacts have actually been imported into Outlook. In such cases, users can try to import the contacts file again, yet there is no guarantee that it will fix the issue.
Only Some of the Contacts got Imported: Another problem for Outlook users is that after Excel file is imported, only some contacts get migrated while others do not. For example, if this error occurs, 200 out of 500 contacts will get migrated in Outlook. This issue mainly happens in case of Excel files containing a large number of contacts. Users can re-format the problematic rows and try to import again.
MAPI Error: This is another common error that may occur in absence of the header row in Excel file. Incorrect formatting may also cause this issue. Try adding a header row or change the formatting of the Excel file and migrate to Outlook again.

Resolve the Issue of Getting Error While Importing Excel into Outlook Account

From the above discussion, we can understand that the manual method of importing Excel contacts to Outlook can give rise to several problems. All these issues can be solved easily with the all-in-one solution and the solution is to use SysTools Excel to Outlook Converter. None of these above- mentioned errors will appear if this tool is used to import Excel files into Outlook. This product is specifically useful for exporting Excel files with a huge number of contacts. It also allows users to map the field in Outlook, so that the contacts get migrated to Outlook in their original format. If users want, they can even exclude the duplicate contacts to avoid confusion.
This application supports all versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook. To use this software, users should have MS Outlook installed and configured on their system. Before importing contacts, the program also displays the preview of Excel contacts. If there are any empty contacts, there is an option to terminate that contact too. For direct contact export from Excel to Outlook, this tool is a smart choice.


In this write-up, we have discussed errors that appear while importing Excel files to Microsoft Outlook. We have also suggested an all-in-one application that is capable of solving all the errors. Users should try the prescribed tool and troubleshoot the issue of getting error importing Excel into Outlook.

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