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How to Build the Perfect Breakout Area for Employees

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Happy employees tend to be more loyal and engaged with your brand. There are several ways you can motivate and reward them to do their job better and serve your customers more efficiently. From offering cash bonuses and prizes to recognition of achievements and training and development opportunities, there are plenty of tools to choose from. If you would like to focus on engagement and building a community, however, you might be thinking about investing in a breakout area where they can connect with each other and unwind. Find out how to get started below.

Conduct a Survey

You cannot guess what your employees really want, therefore, you have to ask them. You might want to brainstorm with a couple of your workers, and write down a few ideas for your employees to choose from. A survey format is also great to get different views on the same topic and make democratic decisions in the workplace. Alternatively, you can set up a suggestion box at the office, so everyone can add their own ideas, and help you develop the perfect breakout area.

Add Entertainment

Apart from basic facilities and seating, your employees might be looking for entertainment, too. From an air hockey table to a curved TV with a gaming console for your workers to play Final Fantasy XV during breaks or after work, there are plenty of ways you can help them unwind and get rid of stress at work. If you let them chill out and have some fun playing games, you will benefit from a more engaged and focused, motivated workforce long term.


How to Build the Perfect Breakout Area for Employees
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It is also important that you focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere and great comfort for your employees. From sofas that can easily be moved to have a conversation during the lunch break to storage poufs and breakfast stools, you have to fill your breakout area with functional and stylish furniture that can easily be customized.

Open Space

Instead of creating dark and small spaces, make your chillout area spacious and light. You might use space separators to enclose the kitchenette, but make sure there’s plenty of space and light. Some of your workers might be going on the workout machine while others are having lunch, and an open space will help them interact with each other.

Think Facilities

How to Build the Perfect Breakout Area for Employees
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Your first priority should be providing facilities that are important to your employees. From cooking and coffee making facilities to basic equipment, writing table, phone chargers, workout equipment, and desks to use the computer for personal business, you have to provide something extra increases the quality of your employees’ work life. Think about smart vending machines, an espresso machine that is maintained by all employees, and unlimited fresh filtered water to start with.

A great way to motivate employees is listening to what they enjoy doing in their free time. Nobody enjoys having their sandwich by their desk. Create a welcoming breakout area that will bring people in your organization closer.

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