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Good Manners and Top 3 Apps for Teaching Kids Manners

Saturday, June 30, 2018

/ by Sarah Taylor

Good Manners and Top 3 Apps for Teaching Kids Manners

Having all the good qualities are mostly counted in good manners. All these good attributes and a good personality overall can make someone remarkably different from others for their good mannerism. Mostly people admire and appreciate people having good qualities and mannerism overall. Most of the time people are expecting good manners from others but they don’t want to follow themselves. There is a less number of people who fall under the category of having good manners. But good manners and etiquettes are not concerned with only some specific age or people but they can be learnt anytime at any age in the life.

Good manners is like considering the emotions and feelings of the people around you, and being that kind of a personality that others would love to respect and listen to. In the old times the children were mostly taught about the golden rules of life like always be humble and good to others as the way you want them to treat to you if you were in their shoes.

Good manners at home

There are different manners that can be inculcated within your child to be counted as good manners at home for example; if children are taught to be helpful in every sense at home. Asking the kids to be polite and courteous in saying words like please and thank you wherever possible. Try to share your stuff with others and not to grab good things to your own self only and not to care about rest of your family at home. You should teach your students to respect the family members properties and belongings at home and their rooms as well. To lend a helping hand to your family members at home. To learn to clean up after yourself. These are the things that one should teach their kids with the necessary manners.

Inculcating good manners within your kids can make them very pleasant human beings to be around with. They should be taught such manners so that others are not being offended in their presence.

Top 3 Apps

Little kids that are growing up are very funny and adorable at the same time until the time when they burp on the dining table in front of the guests or they don’t share their toys with the guest kids at their home, there are a lot of more occasions to go around but teaching your kids with the basic manners would be very imperative as well as challenging and it becomes one of the important things to do on your parenting list. To minimize some of the worries and stress to making this teaching lesson a fun to your kids and effortless for everyone around, here are the top 3 apps that will definitely help you to inculcate the good manners within your kids easily.

A Quest for Good Manners

In this app there is a rude princess named Rosalind who has a dragon as a pet which is very rude, naming Sparkler. It makes noisy bodily functions as well as shows its temper tantrums as well, which is pretty rude just like its master, Rosalind. Due to their excessive rude behavior the queen banned their entry in the castle until and unless they learn good manners. This app has very smart animations which make it very luring and funny and it also includes some true and false different facts which definitely reinforce learning of good manners.

Little Steps to Good Habits

What is so engaging about this app is that it takes manners to the next level which includes ‘please, excuse me and thank you’. It mainly talks about the kids playing which is too teasing and rough at the same time. It is so well designed that the kids can play and learn which manner to apply where and this is how they make decisions as the go along.

Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values

This app is full of very amazing animation cartoon style which makes this app a very popular app amongst the other available apps. It has two very attractive cartoon characters that is Maddie and Matt which can help your kids to learn the very polite manners just like politeness, gratitude, respect and courtesy at the same time including the A to Z of the good manners and the values. These amazing cartoon characters are placed in a different form of situations where they must learn that which manner to exhibit when and where.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Sarah Taylor who is a research scholar, a blogger and also she works with many Essay Writing Companies as a freelancer.

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