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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars Kingdom Wars is a real time strategy-based game that puts you in control of an army that must face a rival evil army. The battles take place inside 2D settings where each army is placed on either side of the screen.

With each passing second you’ll receive a small amount of cereal that you can either use to recruit more soldiers or to increase your cereal production. The key here is to create a balance between increasing your cereal production and recruiting the soldiers that’ll defend your castle. Using this strategy is the only way to get rid of your enemy’s castle.

Easy to Play! Focused on Level up and Strategy!
Win the war against the Evil Army! Save the Kingdom!
Various Characters and Stages!


  • Over 400 various stages
  • Over 200 unique allies and enemy units
  • Over 100 allies units have their unique Limit-break looks
  • Collect treasures in each stages and trigger various option effects
  • Play differently and strategically with 6 kind of Booster Items

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