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The Games That Let You Use Your Imagination!

Monday, June 4, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Most games out there at the minute let you use your imagination in some way. You’re entering a world that isn’t real, and no matter what the game is, or what the objective of the game, you’re still going to feel as though you’re part of it. But there are some games out there that take things to a whole new level. Games that actually allow you to be creative through your imagination, ones where you are actually in control of the game, not just following a story line. But what games are these, and do you think you would be the type of person to play them? In our opinion, games where you’re allowed to use a bit of your own creativity and imagination are the best kind!

The Games That Let You Use Your Imagination!


Minecraft has long been a favourite in the gaming world. Minecraft simply allows you to create things out of blocks. It sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it. But minecraft is so much more than that. You have to forage to get the equipment and supplies to make sure you can build what you need to build. There’s little tasks that you can complete along the way, but it’s mainly just about you and your imagination. You can purchase little add ons to the game, or you can just chose to play the game as normal. If you’re going to get anything we recommend that you get some of the Minecraft seeds. They allow you to spawn at cool places within the map, which should allow you to get some of the building materials that you might not usually be able to get. Minecraft is only a small fee, and you really do get endless fun from it. You can create your little Minecraft world as big as you would like it, and some truly amazing structures have been built by gamers in the past. Just look on the internet to see what has been created so far!

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a little different. You aren’t going to be able to build buildings, but you are going to be able to build a life. Right from the beginning you’re thrown into the storyline, and we think that’s what makes it so imaginative. You follow the storyline like it’s following your own life, and it is so easy to get engrossed in it. Plus, you can edit the character and build them up as you go along. You can discover different parts of the map through quests, and it’s just an all round good game for keeping you entertained and your imagination thriving.


Back to building things again. Sims is a great little game that lets you build a virtual life. You can start a family, have a dog, go to work etc. Everyone gets hooked on this game, and it’s easy to see why. The thought of being able to create your own little world, have your own virtual family, and just have fun on a game that pretty much lets you do anything is really cool!

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