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Could Droning On Actually Help WIth Your Next Big Business Meeting?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
‘Droning on’ is not a phrase most of us want associated with a business meeting. In fact, we develop pithy pitches for just that reason. The more concise you can be, the more chance you have of impressing. And, trust us; that sentiment still stands.

But, droning on in meetings has taken on new meaning. More companies are now turning to drone technology to help them through. Every industry, from real estate to agriculture, have noticed how beneficial drone tech can be here.

For one, using something like this shows potential investors and customers your business is technologically savvy. And, there are other benefits besides. Read on to find out about the main ones.

Could Droning On Actually Help WIth Your Next Big Business Meeting?

Verifiable data

Business meetings are a performance. You’re up on stage, giving an act. And, your primary incentive is to make your audience believe what you’re doing. So, you throw all manner of statistics at them and hope they’ll take the bait. But, meetings are often unsuccessful because customers just don’t buy it. And, why should they? You could have taken those stats from anywhere. By comparison, using drone evidence to back your data can be a huge help. In the agricultural industry, companies like the River Country Cooperative you’ll find if you click here offer drone programs to help farmers gain satellite images of crops in infrared and color. That can help them prove crop growth and supply capabilities. Equally, real estate entrepreneurs could use drones to prove land potential. Whatever your industry, your investors won’t be able to argue with verifiable data like this.

Impressive presentations

With a drone around the place, you can kiss goodbye to the dated idea of the Powerpoint presentation. Colorful slides and fun animation may have been all part of bagging a deal back in the 90s. But, if you want to impress now, you need to take presentations to the next level. Drones could help you do that. It may be that you use a camera drone to film your production line if you’re trying to sell a product. You could use film footage of your storage factory, too. Again, this would prove the ability to supply. Or, if you sell houses, why not use a drone film for proof of a property’s potential? Nothing beats seeing things in the flesh, after all. Either way; droning on with your presentation is sure to hook their attention.

A smart way to document

So far, we’ve spoken about how using drones outside your meeting can benefit you inside it. But, you could also introduce drone tech inside the meeting room itself. One of the worst things about business meetings for clients is their need to write things down. While your clients do this, there’s every chance they’ll miss valuable information. So, save them the need by filming everything on drone and sending them the files. This ensures they can go back and catch all the critical information. If also allows you to replay meetings and recognize problem areas. Win, win!

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