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How to Import OLM Files into PST and Office 365 User Account?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

/ by Venn

OLM is the database file used by the Outlook for Mac users. This file extension is used as the internal format for the storage of emails, contacts, calendars, journals, and other data of the application. OLM files are used only by Mac Outlook and cannot be opened in Microsoft Outlook. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. This is the file format of the Windows Outlook.

Office 365 is the web-based version of the Microsoft Office suite. Office 365 includes the Exchange Online for email and stores the data in the cloud. Hence, to open the OLM file in the Windows Outlook email application, it is required to convert the OLM file to PST file format. In this section, we provide multiple methods to convert OLM files to PST format, migrate OLM to Office 365 user account.

Solution to Import OLM to Office 365

As already mentioned earlier, OLM is only supported in Mac. Hence, to view the OLM file in Office 365, there is no direct conversion. There are two procedure available to import OLM to Office 365. The steps are:

  1. Firstly is convert the OLM file to PST file format, Then, this PST file needs to be imported to Office 365 account.
  2. Direct solution (automated tool) to import Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 OLM file to Office 365.

Technique to Achieve OLM to PST File Conversion

To avoid complicated steps & data loss users need to use automated converter tool like OLM to PST converter. This utility helps the user to obtain the PST file for a corresponding OLM file. Some of the unique features of this product which has left the other technologies far behind are:

  • The tool helps the users to migrate the OLM files to PST in batch
  • Entire data of the OLM file is transferred with the help of the tool
  • The resultant PST files can be split into other PST files of smaller size
  • Various OLM files can be combined to form a single resultant PST file

Migration of PST File to Office 365

To transfer the PST file to the Office 365 account, users are equipped with two methods. First one is they can go for manual method. And the second method is an automated method. The manual method can be done by:

  1. Network Upload: Admin can export the desired data files and with the help of import service in Office 365, data files are imported into the Exchange Online account.
  2. Drive Shipping: In this approach, admin migrates all the required data files to a temporary storage location like BitLocker encrypted hard disk drive. Then, this hard drive is physically moved to Microsoft. Using the import service of the Exchange Online, users can import PST files to Office 365

Limitations of this Manual Method

The manual method is free of cost. But, there are some drawbacks associated with these workarounds:

  1. The process requires deep technical knowledge regarding both the platforms
  2. The steps involved are very lengthy and hence, the process is very time-consuming
  3. The mistake at any point can result in the loss of relevant information from the database

The Best Solution to Export PST to Office 365

To overcome all these issues, users can go with the professional solution to migrate PST files to Office 365. This can be fulfilled with the help of automated tool like DataHelp PST to Office 365 migration tool. The utility can import Outlook PST data files to the Office 365 user account along with all the data items without any type of data loss.

Direct Solution to Import OLM to Office 365 – Automated Tool

Manual method to export data of OLM to Office 365 user account takes time and also required technical knowledge if user face difficulties with a manual method so in this situation OLM to Office 365 migration tool is the right solution. This software will migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, & other OLM items to Office 365 user account without any data loss. With this software, you can easily perform bulk & selective OLM files to Office 365 migration, it maintains the internal structure of the OLM file after migration. The user can also apply Date Based Filter to import only selected data of OLM file.

The Bottom Line

To import OLM to PST & Office 365 there is no direct solution available, you can try manual method to convert OLM file to PST and then migrate this PST file to Office 365 user account. If you find a direct solution to convert OLM to PST & migrate OLM to Office 365 user account then suggested automated tools is exact solution. These tools are originally developed to simplified OLM to PST conversion & OLM to Office 365 migration task.

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