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Open EML File Format With Attachments in Windows – Simple Techniques

Are you also looking for a solution to open EML file format with attachments in Windows? If yes, then no need to worry as this blog describes the best possible approaches to view EML files. Read this blog in detail to know the complete procedure to read EML format.

Monday, July 2, 2018

/ by TechJessica
In the Present day scenario, each and every user demands flexibility in their work so that they can work in an effortless and hassle-free manner. Similarly, Windows Live Mail users are also stuck in the same situation as this Windows Live Mail client is only available in Windows 7 and is not supported by the other versions Windows OS. Therefore, a hurdle is created in user’s mind and the first question that strikes the user’s mind is “how to open EML file format?”. In the following blog, we have come up with the best possible solution to view EML messages. Read this article in detail to learn about the complete guide to read EML format.

How to Open EML File Format Manually?

The EML file type format that is saved on user’s computer are not in working mode with any of the email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. So, users are required to follow the below-discussed steps in order to view EML files:

  1. Create a New Folder on the system and then copy all the EML files in it.
  2. Now, double-click on the folder and then click and open View Tab. 
  3. From the row with numerous options, check the File Name Extensions box
  4. At a time, click on Single EML file and then right-click on it. Choose the Rename option from the displayed list. 
  5. Now, change the .eml extension to .mht and then hit Enter
  6. A Warning message box will also appear, where you have to click on Yes and then open EML format without Mozilla Thunderbird. 
  7. Finally, Save EML file in MHT file format which can be opened easily with the help of any browser on your system. 
  8. Now, in the end, repeat all the steps from (4) to (7) for all the EML files that you want to open.

The above-discussed Manual Technique describes the conversion process to export EML format to MHT file format. The .mht format is a web page archive file which includes Applets, images, etc. in the HTML document. This approach to open EML file format without Thunderbird with the help of MHT format is considered as a good approach but still, this method fails if we talk about the attachments. If the attachments are also present within the EML file, then these attachments cannot be viewed in MHT file format. For this, we have come up with a third-party utility which is SysTools Free EML File Reader.

Professional Solution to View EML Files With Attachments

The application to open EML file format is a free and standalone utility in order to read .mbox file without any supportive email application. Users just have to browse a single EML file format or a complete folder containing numerous EML files to open and read EML files in Windows OS. SysTools Free EML Viewer Software is capable to expand EML messages along with all its associated technical properties and attachments which can be easily viewed. This application also supports EML formats which have noname.eml file format and supports all the file of its creating applications.

Observational Verdict

This technique to open EML file format without any supportive email client is an anytime requirement of the user. It is not at all necessary for the EML file users to have any supportive email application to view EML files along with attachments. Therefore, it is mandatory for the users that they should be aware of the alternative third-party application utilities to read data from EML files for free and that too in the absence of the supportive email applications. Users can use any of the above-recommended approaches as per their needs and requirements.

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