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Convert CSV to vCard Contacts Using Best CSV to VCF Converter

Download CSV to VCF converter to convert CSV to vCard contacts including all details. The tool also allow to export Google CSV to vCard and Outlook CSV to VCF format.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

/ by Rollins Duke
Are you want to convert CSV to vCard format including all important information then download CSV to VCF converter which is a quicker solution to convert CSV contacts to vCard format without manipulating any information. Before providing the brief information about this product first get other relevant information.

What are CSV contacts and vCard files?

In the digital world most of the email applications, email clients, electronic devices, etc. use CSV or vCard file formats for saving their contacts because these file formats are relevant to save contacts information like Name, Phone Number, Email ID, Website Link, Fax Number, etc.

A CSV (Comma-separated values) file is a simple text file which uses the comma to separate values. A CSV file allows adding number and text for saving the information in columns and rows like Microsoft Excel Sheet so it can be also open with MS Excel Sheet. CSV format is widely supported by consumers, business organizations, emails clients, email services, electronic devices for sharing contacts details in a professional way. A vCard file is also known as VCF file because it is always saved into .vcf (Virtual Contacts File) format. vCard file is specially designed to save and exchange contacts information i.e. Name, Company Name, Webpage Links, Photos, Logos, Audio Clips, Email Addresses, etc. It is a standard file format for storing contacts information which is also used via various email applications, email clients, internet-based devices, customer relationship management, etc.
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Why do users want to convert CSV to VCF format?

A lot of users want to convert CSV to VCF contacts format because CSV file does not follow standard rules so various applications or programs create CSV files in different styles (Columns and Rows). CSV files do not allow to store images, Logos, Audio Clips, few special characters, etc. and few programs and devices do not allow to import contacts in CSV format like iPhones, iPads, etc.
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The manual way to convert CSV to vCard

If you want to save CSV contacts to vCard VCF format then you can choose .vcf format at the time of exporting contacts instead of CSV but it can be possible if your application or device allows exporting contacts into both CSV, VCF file formats. If your application allows exporting contacts into CSV format only then you cannot use the manual technique for transferring contacts from CSV to vCard.
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Expert solution to export CSV to vCard contacts

Download CSV to VCF Converter to export CSV to vCard contacts format because it permits to change file format without any limitations and the tool comes with various advanced features which make it a perfect utility for converting CSV contacts to VCF format without manipulating any important information. CSV to vCard converter comes with free demo editions for software evaluation before investing money to purchase license keys.
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Convert CSV to vCard Contacts Using Best CSV to VCF Converter

Features of CSV to vCard Converter

  • Convert multiple CSV files to vCard format at one time
  • Convert Google CSV to vCard and Outlook CSV to vCard
  • Supports conversion of various types of CSV files to VCF
  • Preserves all information while converting CSV to VCF format
  • Offer facility to save resultant VCF files at selected destination path
  • The tool also allows to convert Thunderbird CSV to VCF contacts
  • Option to create separate as well as combined VCF files
  • Supports all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS successfully
  • Convert CSV contacts to vCard with various VCF Encoding
  • The free trial version is available for software evaluation
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Final words

For solving how to convert CSV to vCard related queries, download CSV to VCF converter software because it recommended by most of the technical users. This application is successfully tested with large sized CSV files via converting them into vCard format. The tool allows to convert several CSV (Comma-separated values) files to VCF format via selecting a folder having multiple CSV files. Just download this software free of cost to convert few contacts from CSV to vCard format and after satisfaction upgrade it to avoid all restrictions.
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  1. CSV to VCF Conversion Tool is free from any bugs and viruses and provide you 100% accurate conversion results with no harm to any file. If you want to know the application properly, you can use CSV to vCard Converter the demo version and can check for the entire working and performance of the utilit

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