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Mac Vs Windows - The Showdown

Friday, August 10, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Mac Vs Windows - The Showdown

Has there ever been a bigger decision that we will need to make in our lives? We certainly can’t think of anything bigger, that’s for sure!

Of course, We’re talking about deciding between an Apple Mac and a Windows when it comes to buying your next laptop. It’s a big choice, even if you don’t use your laptop for work, and one that many people spend a very long time deliberating over. So, which one really is the best? Well, if you want to know what we think when it comes to this showdown between the two big giants of computing, read on. We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of both.

The Price

When it comes to price, there is one clear winner - Windows. Windows computers and laptops are a whole lot cheaper than any Apple Macs that are out on the market. Not only that, though, but there is also a greater choice of Windows machines. If you are looking for a very basic Windows PC then you could certainly find one for as little as $300. However, the most basic of Apple Macs often retail at around the $500 mark.

Customizing And DIY Fixing

If you are quite into your computers and all things IT, you might want a laptop that you can customize by adding various different hard wares and ports. This is very easy to do with a Windows PC or laptop as you can take the body apart without too many problems. However, it’s not possible to customize Apple Macs at all. Plus, you won’t be able to do any DIY fixes on a Mac unlike with a Windows laptop. But if you ever wonder why is your Mac overheating or malfunctioning in other ways, there are a few apps and programs that can help you sort things out. It’s worth trying to solve the issue with those before you take the machine to an expensive repair service.


The Apple Mac is the big stand-out when it comes to computer hardware. In fact, Apple Mac is extremely well regarded in the IT and tech industry when it comes to its hardware. After all, you just need to look at a Mac to see why they are so admired. The laptops and computers all look very slick, and the performance of its hardware is just as slick too. You’ll be able to run a lot of different programs at once, and there is an extremely little risk of anything going to wrong. That’s the biggest testament to just how powerful the Mac hardware is!


For years, the Apple Mac was always seen as the safest and most secure laptop as there were no viruses that could target it. However, as hackers and viruses become a lot more sophisticated, Macs are no longer as secure as they once were and now their users need to take the preventative measures that their Windows-using peers once were.

Has this made your decision any easier? Which one will you choose?

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