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Productivity Hacks For Those Time-Consuming Business Tasks

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
It would be better, for you, if your business was purely a vehicle for all of your awesome ideas, but alas it’s not. While bringing your ideas to life will be the fun part, there’ll also be the less than fun parts, those time-consuming tasks which you don’t want to spend your time on, but which are necessary if you have your own company. You’d rather be spending your time working on taking your business to the next level, so what’s the solution? Get rid of the time-consuming tasks, of course! Well, not get rid of them exactly, but get so efficient at doing them that they don’t take much of your time. We show you how below.

Productivity Hacks For Those Time-Consuming Business Tasks

Give It To Someone Else

There are a lot of tasks that you could do yourself, but which you probably shouldn’t. You’ve got a limited number of skills in which you excel, so put them to good use. Spending your time doing things that just eats into your time and energy doesn’t make any sense. For your repetitive or complicated tasks, just pass the work onto someone else. By outsourcing your work to a third party, you can rest easy knowing the work is being completed, even if you’re not the one doing it.

Use Technology

Technology is a tool. Used incorrectly, it’ll just waste your time. Use it efficiently, and it can speed up your processes considerably. There’s a whole range of software available that can make those time-consuming tasks much less time-consuming. When it comes to your taxes, for instance, there’s little use in struggling through with form after form. Instead, use the best tax software. There’s also software that can improve your payroll, invoices, accounting, and so on. With these incorporated into your business, you’ll be able to streamline your time spent on admin tasks.

Block Work

If anyone tells you that they work best when they’re multitasking, tell them that they’re lying. Science has proven that we work best when we’re focusing on just one task at a time. So when it comes to taking care of your admin, make sure you’re blocking out a set number of hours in which to work. You’ll achieve much more if you set aside two hours to complete your admin - and do nothing but - rather than just trying to stay on top of them as and when they arrive.

Automate Where Possible

If you’re not yet making the most of automation, then now’s the time. Of course, not everything can be handled automatically, but things like paying your bills and so on can be. If you know the payments are going when and where they should be going without having to click a button, you’ll able to focus your energies on other things.

Trim Down Your To Do List

Finally, look at trimming down your to-do list. Some tasks are essential; others are optional. If you’re going through a busy period, get rid of the optional tasks. You won’t miss them!

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