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Why Outsourcing Can Help Your Resourcing

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
In the realm of self employment, startups and entrepreneurship, outsourcing is still seen very much as a dirty word. Mention to a peer at a networking event that you are thinking about outsourcing one of your business functions, and they may wince. However, outsourcing doesn’t mean admitting defeat or simply shirking your responsibilities. Mastering the art of astute outsourcing means that your business becomes more resourceful, you will become more productive, and the money you spend to outsource will return tenfold in increased revenue and profits. Take a look at how outsourcing can empower your resourcing.

Why Outsourcing Can Help Your Resourcing


If you’re looking to expand your startup, the chances are that you will need to take on new staff. The recruitment process can be long and laborious. First, you need to construct an advert that will attract the brightest candidates, then you need to find time to shortlist, then you need to interview and even after all of this, you may not find who you are looking for. Instead, consider outsourcing your workflow management requirements to an external firm that has an exceptional talent pool at their fingertips. They will ask what your requirements are and match a suitable candidate to you. You simply enter the process at the final stage to ensure a perfect fit with your team, business, and ethos.

The Basics

There’s nothing worse than spending half a day on a Thursday or Friday completing the administrative tasks for your payroll. While you could be implementing your business vision, preparing for that important presentation or answering emails, you are hunched over a calculator instead. Why not outsource your payroll to external specialists? They will deal with paychecks, tax implications, and pension contributions. They will facilitate the payments and ensure every staff member gets paid. This makes human error less of a risk and frees up your time to be spent on more pressing tasks.

Alternatively, you could choose to invest in payroll software. Using standard calculations and meeting all legislation, payroll software will also ensure that your staff get paid accurately and on time.

Why Outsourcing Can Help Your Resourcing

Social Media

While you’d rather be looking at your finances, you may find yourself trying to think of a witty post to put up on your Twitter timeline. Forget about your social media platforms and allow an off-site social media guru to manage your blog, social media channels, and posts. They will keep your feeds relevant and fresh on your behalf. These individuals know how to direct traffic to your website, they will communicate with your loyal customer base and followers, and will help convert hits into sales. Marketing is more important than ever, so it’s vital that you get an expert on board.

If you want your business to ultimately be successful and compete, you need the brightest minds working on each business function. You won't always have this in-house, and you will have to make some decisions that require financial resources. However, you will speculate to accumulate. This is why you should choose to outsource.

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