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Avast Antivirus - Google Play App

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

/ by Digital Hints
Avast Antivirus - Windows Lightweight and intuitive protection powered by a community over 400 million strong and trusted by 400 million people worldwide. Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software around, Avast is next-gen cybersecurity for all.

Almost all of type of viruses like Malware, Ransomware, Computer Virus, Spyware, Adware, Trojan, Rootkit, Phishing, Keylogger, Hacker, Social engineering, Spam, Scam and Browser hijacker.

Two New Shields. Double Protection

Stop even the most determined hackers from getting their hands on what’s yours. Webcam Shield protects your built-in camera from hidden spies. And Ransomware Shield ensures your files cannot be encrypted without your permission, so you don’t get held to ransom.

Simple on the outside, smart on the inside

Avast Free Antivirus raises the bar on security with real-time protection, intelligent threat-detection, and added security for your network, passwords, and browser. Easy to install and easy to use, no other free antivirus comes close.

Business Security with Teeth

Stay focused on your endgame and leave your endpoint security to us. On-premise or cloud-based, we scale to your business — whatever its size, network, or devices.

Next-Gen Cybersecurity for All

In the face of increasingly complex threats, cybersecurity must be faster and more powerful than ever. Stopping cyberattacks in real-time is what we do.

Avast Antvirus is also available in Windows version and Mac version.

Download Avast Antivirus - Google Play

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