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How To Have The Best Roadtrip Of Your Life

Monday, January 14, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
How To Have The Best Roadtrip Of Your Life

If you are thinking already of trips you can take with your loved ones in the coming months as we head into 2019, there will likely be a lot of options flooding through your head. Trying to choose the best destination and the type of holiday to head off on this year can be tough, and when it comes to budget this can make things even harder.

This is why we are going to take about going for a road trip today instead of hearing straight off to some random part of the world. Road trips are always fun to enjoy with the family and they can be a great opportunity to enjoy your own country and visit places you’ve never been. Here are our top ways that you can plan and go on the best trip ever this year.

1. Make a plan, sort of

When you sit down to look at your trip, you will be tempted to map out every step of the way and plan every single day of your trip, but this isn’t the best way to do things. The whole idea of a road trip instead of a hotel holiday is the freedom and flexibility. You can head off at any time you want and stop anywhere along the way. If you start driving to one destination and see another village which looks interesting, there is nothing stopping you from taking some time to walk around here and grab some food. The best way to plan for your trip is to make sure you have a plan in place for your money, be sure to look at things such as fleet fuel cards with no hidden fees and gas cards, and write down a few places you fancy visiting while you are on the road. Always keep things open and flexible because you could always change your mind.

2. Don’t research

It might sound totally crazy and stupid, but the worst thing you can do sometimes before you visit a city or a village is research it too much. It is always more fun to arrive at your destination with open eyes and see things for yourself for the first time. The reason this is a great idea is that you are much more likely to take in everything around you rather than only see the places you have previously researched on your computer. This is likely to allow you to see some hidden gems which can make your trip the best it can be.

3. Be a cheesy tourist

As much as we like to head off the beaten track and see things which no one else has seen, there is a certain charm to be had about seeing those big landmarks and fun attractions which everyone else sees. The world’s largest pizza and the smallest building are always fun to see in person and even though it’s a little touristy, that’s what road trips are for!

4. Bring a map

As much as technology is the saviour of our modern day lives, there is something to be said about having a real paper map in your hand and crossing places off with a big black pen. Not only is this a fun activity when you set off when everyone points out places they want to go, but it is a great fail safe in an emergency. Even if you have the best sat nav in the world, when there is no signal in the air you have no chance of finding where you need to go. Keep a map on board for these situations and it will save you getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

5. Pack light

It is always a great idea for you to pack lighter than you think you need for a road trip. There are two big reasons for this: the first reason is that you want to be able to bring things home with you such as shopping and souvenirs, and if you leave space in the car you will be able to do this. The second reason is that you will be able to have better control of the car with less in it and you’ll also have better visibility.

6. Get a gas card

When it comes to driving for a long time on the road, it is always a good idea to consider the cost of fuel you will be incurring on the journey. Be sure that you get yourself a gas card which will accumulate points as you fill up, which can then be used for money off things like your food shopping and hotels etc.

7. Make a playlist… a long one

While you are on the road you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of your time sitting in the car going from place to place. While you are in the car it can be handy to have a few tunes playing to keep the mood up and entertain everyone. Make sure you take the time to make a big playlist of everyone’s favourite songs and have this playing during your trip. You’ll all be able to enjoy a good sing along and it can be exactly what you need to get your excited for the next stop on your trip.

8. Bring some drinks and food

If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the road travelling between one city and the next, you are all likely going to get hungry at one point or another. Another point to make is that it can be fun for you to be able to see a nice spot on your travel and stop off for a little rest and a picnic. Bringing food and drink with you can make the best of the situation and it means you can enjoy a fun and relaxing break when you need one.

9. Be brave

Going somewhere new will undoubtedly bring you into the path of other people, and on a roadtrip you could even stand to make some friends along the way depending on the kind of places you go and things you do. This is why it can always be fun to try and be more confident when you travel and don’t be scared to start up a conversation. Talking to others on your trip can be great and it can even lead to you doing activities together on your holiday.

10. Bring spare change

As you will likely know, not all roads are completely free and sometimes you will get stuck with a few to pass a bridge in the middle of the road. This can be a huge annoyance if you have no money with you and because of this it is super important that you bring along some spare change. Whenever someone pops to the shop for anything Make sure that they leave the change in the front of the car so that you have it there when you need it.

11. Let people know where you are

As we talked about before, a road trip can be a lot more fun if you simply let your heart take you where it wants to go. However you can also think about making sure to update people back home now and again when you reach a new place. The reason for this is simply because if anything happens to you while you are gone, your family or friends will be able to see where you were last and direct the police to the best place to find you.

12. Road games

There’s nothing better when you are on the road with your family than playing I spy and having a good old laugh with your family. Car games can be a great way to pass the time and they will help to keep everyone in your family interested and happy for the trip.

13. Trust the locals

If you ever want to get the inside scoop on the best places to visit in a particular area, you can go no better than trusting the local people. People who live in said city or town will have an unbiased and honest view of the area and this will allow them to tell you where you should go and where you should avoid. You are much more likely to come across some hidden gems during your stay and this can make all the difference to you on your trip.

14. Switch off the phone

The whole idea of setting off on a road trip is that you are getting away from the real world for a whole and enjoying spending some time with your family. This is why it can be a great idea for everyone in your family to switch their phones off unless for an emergency so that you can go technology free for a while. It is always good to learn how to spend time with each other without the screen and this can honestly make a huge difference to your holiday on the whole.

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