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Importance of Career Counseling

Friday, January 4, 2019

/ by Unknown
Counselling refers to the procedure of helping out an individual by giving assistance, moral support, and determining solutions for the problems being encountered by him. “Counseling” is usually associated with a professional helping out an individual in need. This expert is someone who understands human behaviour, their individuality, and understands how to confer the right direction to their thoughts. This expert is a person you can get in touch within times of indecision, and who ensures that your identity and problems remain private.

Career Counseling allows handling a varied range of issues such as less focused to poor time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement among parents and children on which profession to opt. Career Counseling entails systematically created aptitude tests and personality test that allows a career counsellor gives the well-matched career counsel to the student according to his details of aptitude and personality test. Human capacities are endless and can neither be measured nor to judge of what one can do. Every person has exceptional characteristics, for everybody has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The method is to spot these distinctive qualities is through Psychometric Test and career counselling.

Students frequently find themselves at crossroads when they get to Class XII. The question is, “What next?” to which they do not have specific answers. They discuss with their parents, peers or class teachers who are, in fact, unprepared to direct them because of their incomplete information of the numerous career options accessible today. In such examples, a student would get benefited by discussing with a qualified and skilled career counsellor, who might have a holistic move toward determining an appropriate option of career. 

Emergence of Career Counseling:
Selecting a career generally appears subsequent to choosing a course. If a student doesn’t select the right course, it would unintentionally have an effect on their career choice. A current study showed that 1 in 3 students are miserable with the course that they opted. That is almost half a million unhappy university students! And that figures clarify the importance of career guidance for students. Career counselling make sure the right sort of help to conquer such thinking and prevent students from making such blunders. Many students seize a psychometric test to keep away from making mistakes and their efforts are praiseworthy, even though the results of the test may leave them more puzzled than before. Because the psychometric test mainly summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of students and draw attention to their aptitudes and interests.

Everyone needs career guidance at a point in time. It allows us to get insights about ourselves, our profession and what we can do to get better. Here are some methods in which career counselling guides us:

Helps Pick the Right Career
Career Counselors are professional at evaluating your aptitude, interests, personality and other traits of you. They apply this evaluation to advise the best career options from all relevant options.

Help give Expert Resources
Career Counseling offers the right to use the resources and knowledge that a career expert has. This understanding of careers, scope and the road to pursue them is the most significant from being a parent and child, as most of the times; parents do not possess that type of knowledge.

Helps Gain Confidence and Insight
Career Counseling helps a student recognize the hurdles in his/her career trail. This knowledge allows building up the self-confidence to conquer these hurdles. It is the responsibility of a good counsellor to offer such insight and give confidence to the student.

Helps Change superfluous Behavior Patterns
Students and professionals have a routine that is unbreakable, such as postponement, not being updated on most recent developments in their selected career, ignoring emotional and mental health, not attempting to self-motivate, and so on. A Career Counselor allows breaking behavioural patterns that direct to fruitless activities, at home and in school, college or work surroundings.

Helps Remove Career-Related Frustration
Choosing a profession can be a difficult task for parents and children. The sources that give vent out to emotions and thoughts might add to the dissatisfaction. Career Counseling offers a platform where such irritation can be abridged, and concentration is re-directed to choosing the ultimate career options.

Provides a Role-Model
Career Counseling allows students hook up to professionals who have sufficient life experiences to share. They are exemplary individuals who have achieved much and lend a hand with other people in their life. Career Counseling can serve up as an encouragement to those who need it the most.

Author bio:

Chris Ronald is the writer of this impressive blog post. He has been working in a very famous character at consultant agency of New York and guiding the students regarding their future prospects.

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