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Cheap Marketing Tips - Without Social Media

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
While it is true that everything is pretty much online, that does negate the fact there are a few little bits of marketing materials that you should have. Business cards are a bit of no brainer.

Business cards should be sleek, have your branding on them, and note all of the best ways to contact you - opt for quality like Alpha Card. Your website is also a must. A site should be easy to navigate, have a clean and easy to access the ‘contact’ page and even easier purchase process.

But what other steps can you take for your business?

Cheap Marketing Tips - Without Social Media


When people buy something from your website what is the experience you want them to have? Think about the moment the box arrives from the postman. Is your box branded?

Once they tear into the box what is inside? Hopefully alongside their invoice is a thank you note. Because small gestures make a more significant difference than you might’ve thought.

The little personal touches make it feel less like a marketing ploy to get a repeat customer, and more like they are a valued customer (which they should be).

Claim What is Yours

Every person who was ever looking for information will head to Google. Which is great because if you have spent some time taking care of the SEO on your website, they stand a good chance of finding you.

You should take a few minutes to claim your business on Google. Head to Google My Business and follow the steps their so that you can shop up on a map when people search.

Update your business profile, then use any of the tools in the dashboard to make that free marketing resource work even harder for you.

While you’re in the dash, you might find you have the ability to claim some free google ad cash. Yes, the chances are you will need to spend a little to get it, but you’re going to be investing in ads anyway - so get the free stuff too.

Claim your business on Yelp too. This will allow people who have enjoyed your services or products to leave reviews.

The perks of having both of these are that people can find you much easier.


If you go to tradeshows, sell on markets or stalls, have a pop-up store or a lot of products then you need to work out how to market all of that.

Getting flyers and brochures printed is going to pay off. Use lighter materials like flyers for cold leads or to hand out a little more often.

For hot leads or customers that have purchased maybe 3-4 times, send them the slightly larger marketing materials.

When it comes to your marketing there is a lot you can do that doesn’t involve social media, and is pretty cost effective too. So spend some time working out how you want to present yourself and your business to clients.

Tip: When it comes to filling in the details like about, numbers etc. - it can feel like a bit of a slog but be detailed and give it your best.

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