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How To Finally Achieve That Work Life Balance

Sunday, February 10, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
How To Finally Achieve That Work Life Balance
Image via Unsplash

In today's super connected, always on world, achieving a good work life balance can seem very out of reach. We're surrounded by technology and gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier and free up our time, and yet we seem to have less of it than ever. The working culture in the Western world promotes presenteeism and despite the prevalence of flexible working policies and cloud based IT systems we still feel the pressure to spend longer and longer at our desk or making ourselves constantly available on email, even when there's evidence that working too long actually makes us less productive. This constant, low-level stress is toxic and leaves us feeling burnt out and full of anxiety. It damages our wellbeing, and hurts our relationships. Of course where exactly the balance point lies is highly personal and individual to each of us, and finding it can be tricky. But commit to the process and you'll find yourself healthier, happier and able to work better - while still finding time to indulge in driving games or the odd Netflix binge.

Reject The Perfection Myth

If you're an overachiever, it's likely that you've been stuck in patterns of perfectionist behavior since childhood, and that can be hard to break free off. Entering adult life generally means that you take on increasing amounts of responsibility and so maintaining a perfectionist attitude gets harder and harder as you're spread much more thinly. On an emotional and even on a neurological level it's incredibly hard to sustain the perfection myth and it puts so much strain on you - burnout is almost inevitable. It's time to let go of these invisible, unattainable standards and realise that sometimes, for the sake of your health, okay is good enough.

Step Away From The Tech

The very same gadgets which are supposed to help us and streamline our lives often become an unbalancing force as we become contactable round the clock and our world resounds to the sound of the notifications from email and social media every few minutes. There are very few clear time boundaries in place in our lives - there is an expectation that we'll be constantly available. Learn how to reassert those divisions - start by putting phones and tablets away in a drawer for meal times and when you go to bed. Equally, if you're spending time with family and friends, or out at an event. Try to have an experience that isn't framed through your smartphone screen. Becoming less reactive to every little ping and buzz puts you back in control - and when you have control, you naturally become calmer and less stressed.

Create Headspace With Exercise

The single best way to clear your mind and do something thats just for you? Make exercise a part of your life. Find something you love, whether it's a hot spin class, going for a run or joining a sports team. Exercise is not only critical to the health of our bodies, but the feel good endorphins it produces are also essential for mental balance and reducing stress. Yet many of us don't actively prioritise it like we should. Make sure that you schedule it in just like any other meeting so it doesn't get Iforgotten about. You deserve that time and you need it to function to your best ability, so don't ever feel guilty. Equally, balance is also about taking time to chill out gaming or reading a good book. That time isn't wasted - it's a form of self-care that is equally valuable.

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