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Keeping Your Staff Happy In The Workplace

Thursday, March 21, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
When it comes to your staff it is important for you to realise that you need to do all that you can to keep your employees happy in your workplace. It isn’t to the extent where they can take advantage, there is line that they shouldn't cross, but more to get the very best out of the team, which in turn benefits you as a boss or business owner as you are able to maximise your profits. However, many managers and business owners are a little unsure as to what would work to keep your staff happy. So here are some suggestions.

Keeping Your Staff Happy In The Workplace

Always communicate

The one thing people are never going to get on board with is a lack of communication, and this can cause huge problems within your team. Things like changing targets or goals that have been set previously, having different processes put in place and generally having a different approach to things. This can have a negative impact on your team and therefore cause them to be less productive. Instead always communicate these things in advance. Opening up the line of discussion can help staff to feel involved, and perhaps understand the reasoning behind the changes instead of just going against it.

Create a decent break area

While you want your staff members to be productive, you also need to understand that regular breaks are encouraged to help keep them happy and their concentration levels where they should be. This is when having the facilities to make drinks or keep food will come in handy, and also considering a decent break area for them to relax in. Including things such as pinball machine for a bit of recreational fun, comfortable seats, and a quiet area where people can perhaps read or make phone calls.

Be an approachable boss

You will always get more out of people if you are to become an approachable boss, so it may be time to ensure that you do all you can to give off that impression. Leave the office door open, when possible. Talk to your staff and get to know them, and generally show an interest. It may take only a few minutes out of your day but it can make the biggest of differences to how they feel when it comes to wanting to talk to you about ideas or things going on within the workplace.

Encourage team bonding

Team bonding is also something else that can help to boost morale in the workplace. You may have a team of people working for you, and needing to spend a lot of time together, and not everyone will be similar in terms of personality. Team bonding can be done via a specialised event outside of the office, or encouraging things lie themed lunches or team meetings to help bring the team closer together.

Consider flexible working options

Finally, there may be other ways that you could encourage your teams to work and be happier in your employment. Flexible working options such as flex hours or options to work from home could help them manage their jobs more effectively around their home lives.

Let's hope this has you more inspired to help keep your staff happy in the workplace.

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