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Cheap Flights Are Not Always The Best Choice To Buy

Cheap Flights , Cathay Pacific , Delta Airlines , United Airlines

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

/ by Williams James
Cheap Flights Are Not Always The Best Choice To Buy

There have always been many ways to find Cheap Flights, and most people try to find the best one possible when they go on vacation. There are some great search engines to help you, but how can you get the cheapest flight? Is there any best way to go?

Many years ago, I wanted to join the World One network, which meant I had to join the US most frequent flier program. Let me tell you something straight. I’m a big fan of most American Airlines.

Their planes are good and updated and food is a better option that they serve in coach. But I fly them because I get the best deal for them at iBookAir. Mostly I love to fly on Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.

Flying in one of these big and international carriers rarely gets me a cheap fare, So I always check for Google flight and iBookAir mostly. My flight deal to America could be $200 cheaper if they have a deal for the particular flight. My flights fare around the States of America could go up to 50% less if I’d flown Southwest Airlines or JetBlue.

Usually, for the return flight to Europe, m choice is Air France, because of I simply know that I couldn’t justify my pocket American was asking.

So being a budget traveler with great experience on flying cheaply, why do I spend the money on those flights instead of going for the cheap flight? Because being a frequent flier, cheap flights is not a cheap option for the long term.

If you only for 3-4 flights a year, going for the lowest cost or cheap flight is exactly what you should do. A free flight won’t be worth any time it would take you to take the miles to get, especially if we consider the higher flight costs. Go for cheap deals and flight, save money, and don’t you worry for the extra miles.

But in case you take a lot of flies every year or take some few long-tour flights, joining a flyer program for frequent flyers and collecting miles makes much more sense.

Because of your long term elite flight status, and that status on airlines get you lot of perks:
  • Quicker and convenience check-in
  • Quick boarding
  • No baggage fees
  • Access to Airline lounge
  • Complimentary upgrades for convenience
  • Quick Security Screening

For those who are at the airport every other week, those things are real luxuries for satisfaction. They do make a big difference to me and for you. Long lines in both check-in and security are always frustrating. We know that drill, most people don’t. I hate when I am in security line off with my shoes and the bag and laptop out while the person next to me is still losing the handle of is a bag.

For long and every month travelers, it makes a lot of sense to go for these programs. If you take a lot of flight then this should be rewarded. Even if take a one-year trip to go around the world, you should go for frequent flyer program which you can check out here.

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