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Introduce Time Into Your Work Life

You need to think outside the box to find the solution that works best for your lifestyle and your skills.

Monday, July 15, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
The idea of professional success has changed dramatically since the capitalistic view of the mid 20th century. Successful professionals don’t define their achievements in monetary terms anymore. While there is no denying that earning money is the quintessential function of work, it isn’t the main objective for Millennials. Indeed, nowadays, modern workers research a healthy work-life balance. A generously paid job that doesn’t give them a lot of time isn’t of interest anymore. Time is a rarity, and finding ways to introduce time into your working life has become a challenge in every profession. There are, thankfully, a few tips and tricks you can deploy to inject more time into your day-to-day work life.

Introduce Time Into Your Work Life

Contract for seasonal/temporary positions

Seasonal positions are a favorite as they imply that you only work for a few months during the year. Ski instructors are a typical choice for enthusiastic sports and fitness lovers. Admittedly, you need to earn your certification first! Similarly, if you prefer having a choice in terms of the duration of employment, you can look for short-term contracts, which are especially popular for truck drivers and builders. We hear you asking: Are there reliable trucking companies near me? The answer is yes, there are, but you might want to focus your effort on a platform that keeps every job offers together, whether you’re looking for a driving or a building contract. Other popular temp positions tend to appear in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Create a working schedule

Working from home as a freelancer can be tricky. While in theory, you are in charge of your time; in practice, things can be a little different. Most freelancers tend to work overtime as they fear losing out on work. In other words, you have less time without a boss than you had in an office. It’s important to create a sane working routine and to stick to it. Schedule some breaks throughout your day and set clear opening hours!

Find a company that values your time

The most commonly asked question for office employees is: How can I find a company that understands my need for freedom? While the hunt for a flex-friendy business can be challenging, more and more companies are embracing flexible working options around the world. LivingSocial, an online marketplace full of exciting deals, offers a variety of remote working options, including the possibility to take your laptop on holiday with you, letting you make the most of your vacation.

Is an artistic lifestyle for you?

Lastly, the creative industry is booming. You only need to open Instagram to find dozens of local artists making a living from their passions without working in an office. Indeed, making money as an artist is now easier than ever. Many choose to teach their techniques and encourage their students online, using the income from the course to cover their costs. An online course doesn’t require real-time management, which means that, as an artist, you can use your time off to explore new ideas and recharge your batteries.

Making time in your career requires creativity. You need to think outside the box to find the solution that works best for your lifestyle and your skills. However, today’s professionals value their time, and they’re ready to take significant pay cuts if it means they can stay longer with their families.

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