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The Digital Transformation Is Here and It's Time to Invest

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
The Digital Transformation Is Here and It's Time to Invest

When you stop and think about the advancement of technology, it’s hard to put its meteoric rise into words. Since the turn of the 21st-century, products and services have created new niches to exploit for greater returns. Today, there is no need to play sports - you can participate as usual thanks to the esports tech.

What does this mean for businesses? For starters, it proves that adopting software and hardware can be the key to success. However, there is another element to consider: investment. The new money-making opportunities are endless and can transform the fortunes of your business. Here are the reasons why.

They Are Lucrative

You only need to look at how well cryptocurrencies are performing to see how digital money is taking over. Yes, Bitcoin suffered a hit and lost money, but just because it’s the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the only blockchain option on the market. In 2019, there is money to make with the likes of Litecoin and Ethereum, the former having a per coin value of $43 and the latter bringing in $118. Compared to Apple, the cryptocurrencies aren’t too far behind the biggest brand on the planet. Some experts are predicting they have more room for growth right now.

There Are Niches

Traditional stocks and share options aren’t varied. Yes, some are solid and others are spectacular, yet there isn’t the same flexibility there once was in the market. Digital investments, because they are the new kid on the block, provide more chances to turn a profit. With an esports ETF in your portfolio, you have the choice to invest in everything from team operators to hardware companies. And, it’s not as if the industry is a small one that is going to bottom out soon. It’s about to top the $1bn revenue mark for the first time this year.

Consumers Love It

The rise of digital media is in no short part down to consumerism. Shoppers want these services and are willing to pay for them, leading entrepreneurs and companies to branch out. It’s out of control, to the point 61% of millennials admit to sleeping with their phone under their pillow or directly next to their bed. They want to consume digital products and services as soon as they wake up, which means the demand is high. Sure, you shouldn’t invest without researching the opportunities, but if you find the right ones, you will have the backing of the people who drive the product.

It Affects Your Success

The Internet of Things is a useful tool. Over 60% of business owners believe that IoT is essential regarding the drive and creation of business strategies. That encompasses everything from manufacturing to marketing campaigns and accounting processes. So, it makes sense that you should invest in the industry as there is a direct correlation with your company. By pumping money into the sector, you increase the odds of technological advancement, as well as boosting standards and quality.

Does your portfolio include digital investments? If the answer is no, will you review your plan?
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