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CSV to vCard Converter for CSV Files to VCF Format

Sunday, August 4, 2019

/ by Digital Hints
Csv to Vcard Converter for Csv Files to Vcf Format CSV File:CSV is a file format used tostore tabular data such as a spreadsheet. It is a plain text that contains a list of data.

VCF File:VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information. It includes a name, address, phone number, email address and other contact information.


VCF file format can be accessed in any device so people are preferring VCF file format. Those who are using CSV file format wants to switch from CSV format to VCF file format. But the main question is how to convert CSV files to VCF file format. There are two methods to convert CSV file to VCF format:

1. Manual method to convert Excel to VCF format

There are three steps in this process

  • Excel to CSV Conversion
    1. Open Excel
    2. Click File and click save as
    3. Click Browse and select location where you want to store the file
    4. Select CSV in save as type
  • Import contacts from CSV
    1. Now go to contacts file. Open it and click on Import
    2. Select CSV format and click import
    3. Click Browse to load the CSV file and click Next
    4. Select employee field and click Ok
    5. Click finish
  • Export contacts to VCF
    1. On the contact window, click export tab
    2. Select vCard option
    3. Click export
    4. Click Ok

2. Limitations of CSV to VCF Converter

  1. Lengthy and complex process
  2. More attempts/efforts required
  3. Need technical Knowledge
  4. Not fully reliable
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Versions available

Limited version--The software comes with both the versions of the software. Limited version of the software allows you to use the software and check its functions without paying any amount. It also helps to build your confidence to use the paid version. You can convert only 10 CSV files using thetrial version of the software.

Paid version-–Paid version of the software comes with full features that were not available in the paid version. Here, you need to purchase the software from the link given below:

You are free to convert any number of CSV files to VCF file format. Paid version overcome all the disadvantages you faced in the demo version.

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Automated tool -– CSV to VCF Converter

CSV to VCF Converter is one of the best and reliable software to export entire contact details to VCF file format. The tool swiftly scans the whole CSV database. The software is capable to work on all Windows versions with any inconvenience.

Prominent features of the software

  1. Independent utility to convert CSV to VCF format
  2. Easy and safe conversion guaranteed
  3. Supportive to all Window versions
  4. No loss or damage of files
  5. Desired file location facility

Working procedure of CSV to VCF Converter

Only 4 step conversion with the software:

  • Step 1. Simple Browsing of CSV file to the wizard

    The software once installed successfully, the interface gives you the option to select a CSV file to the wizard. Using browse option, you can manually locate CSVfile from the system to the wizard.

    Csv to Vcard Converter for Csv Files to Vcf Format

  • Step 2. Brief preview of CSV files

    Once you load CSV files to the software, it has a special feature to see the full preview of files which are ready for conversion. This will help you in checking the accuracy of files and you will also able to know the number of files which are going to convert into VCF file format.

    CSV to Vcard Converter for Csv Files to Vcf Format

  • Step 3. Option to select the desired Output location

    The software then asks you to set the desired location to save your output file. This will help you in easy viewing of the files.

  • Step 4. Mapping column for vCard

    You are free to map the columns from the list available on the right side of the window.
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Click Export

Once loading of Excel files is done on the wizard, you can go to Export v-card now. This starts the conversion process and will take few minutes in the whole process.

Csv to Vcard Converter for Csv Files to Vcf Format


Both the methods are beneficial and good. Users are free to choose any of the options as per your suitability. But I would highly recommend software approach to use for conversion of CSV to vCard file format.

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