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FROGS - The First Indonesian Drone Manufacturing Company

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

/ by Digital Hints
FROGS - The First Indonesian Drone Manufacturing Company
In the development of technology that is very extraordinary at this time, of course countries that have developed industries such as USA, UK, Germany, China and several other developed countries have produced countless technology-based products. Included in the Drone industry, they are competing to make the most sophisticated.

Not so for developing countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. That development is certainly very lacking, but not a few are pioneering to develop the Drone industry as in Indonesia.

Frogs is the first Indonesian Drone industrial company, with almost 100% of human resources the best Indonesian people whose offices are located in: Jl. Baru Mulungan No.27, Gilingan, Sendangadi, Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55285.

With the motto to solve the problem because of:
  • Traffic jam caused of excessive land transportation
  • Infrastructure expansion slower than transportation growth
  • Time spent in traffic jam getting longer
  • Population increases because of traffic
  • Shorten delivery time to make more effective

Frogs offers several products including:
  • AIRMAP Drone

    AirMap Drone, as the name suggests, this drone is used to map an area. This drone can also be assigned to conduct surveillance. For the type of AirMap FrogsID itself has produced and developed into 2 versions. The first version of this drone has been tested many times and will always be improved for its development. In updating the first version, FrogsID has also designed and produced for the second version and in the near future FrogsID will conduct flight testing for AirMap Drone, both version 1 and 2.
  • SPRAYER Drone

    Sprayer Drone, facilitates the managers of agricultural land in terms of spraying fertilizers and pesticides and of course with a shorter time compared to surrounding the land that was previously done manually which can reach hours and even days.
    FrogsID has also produced this type of drone and the first version of the drone has also been tested and will always be tested continuously for further development to make it more visible and strengths. On the other hand, to be more efficient or better, FrogsID prepares Drone Sprayer version 2.
  • CARGO Drone

    Cargo Drones are drones that function to transport goods. Unlike the previous version, this time the second version of the Drone Cargo FrogsID has a capacity that focuses on 25-30kg for its payload capacity which previously reached 200kg. With this payload capacity, Drone Cargo is focused on transporting products that are in hard-to-reach areas, for example fishermen, or remote places, thus shortening the delivery time and the market that FrogsID targets will be appropriate.

    Passenger Drone is a type of drone or unmanned aerial vehicle that carries passengers. The Drone Passenger FrogsID itself is ready both materially and physically. It's just that, FrogsID needs to find a partner to make the fuselage or body of the aircraft related to flight rules that require special standardization for aircraft, especially passengers or passengers.

All products powered by Battery and using electric motor.

With the products above, the solution of the problems in the motto above will be solved by:
    Air Taxi could passing through everywhere
    Generate autonomous system for Air Taxi
    Air Taxi could take you faster than a car since no more traffic
    All electric Air Taxi will produce zero emission, low noise
    Air Taxi will provide the shortest time to deliver cargo

Perhaps you are interested in Drones made in Indonesia, it is possible if you try products from FROGS.

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