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Which Dental Clinics in Delhi are advisable for a Tooth Implant?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

/ by Claire Divas
Which Dental Clinics in Delhi are advisable for a Tooth Implant?

With a lot of dental treatments being expensive and not being covered under a lot of health insurances and professional health benefits, it is important that you take all your options into consideration before you finally go in for a particular procedure. I had to get a tooth implant done and I wanted to make sure that I take every option into account. Only because this is not something you want to get wrong or have an incorrectly done procedure. These treatments are not only expensive but also very time- taking. So, should there be any problem, you may have to deal with it for a considerable amount of time and pain.

It was because of these apprehensions I knew that I had to use my due diligence before I go for this treatment. I went to a couple of doctors to, firstly, to understand the exact nature of the treatment. This was important because a lot of times, a particular doctor can suggest a method that may not always be the best option for your problem. So, make sure to get a second, third or even fourth opinion. After 5 different consultations, I decided to go ahead with Dr Garg.

The overall cost for a single tooth implant was very nominal. This included consultation, the dental implant surgery and even the crown that was placed about 3 months after the actual procedure. But this is something I thought was a reasonable enough cost for the service provided. However, these costs can vary depending on the exact nature of your treatment, associated procedures such as extraction or bone grafting and the complications involved, if any (every case is not the same (which is why consultation is so important) and also, the kind of tooth that gets implanted (there are various options for the same).

The clinic I had gone to was a very professional one with experienced doctors. They made me understand the entire procedure and gave me many alternatives that I could choose from explaining the merits and demerits of each. They answered all my questions and calmed down a lot of my anxiety. They were very approachable because I did pester them with a lot of questions.

They even gave me a proper procedure to follow after the treatment was over. It was not a lot to do but I was over-cautious. Overall, my experience could not have been better with the entire treatment. I had to go back for some follow- ups but that was basic protocol to ensure that everything is fine with the tooth post- treatment. I highly recommend this place! 

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