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Is Your Website The Online Portal You Need It To Be?

Friday, May 22, 2020

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Do you have a website? You might be proud of your website, and you think you have a revolutionary design that every visitor enjoys, but you might need to take a step back and reassess the situation.

After all, we can get so caught up in how well we’re doing that we filter out the constructive criticism headed our way, especially when it comes to something as complicated and fluctuating as website design and being relevant online.

So, let’s take some time to work out whether or not your website is the online portal you need it to be. Make sure you think through points like those below to see just how well you’re doing in the internet’s eyes.

Is Your Website The Online Portal You Need It To Be?

Are You Reaching the Customers You Need to?

Your website needs to think about its audience, first and foremost, and be designed to serve each and every one of them. It needs to be an accessible site, that’s easy to understand and read through, and it needs to be easy to navigate as well. A lot of time and effort goes into web design, but it’s all for nought if you place too much emphasis on aesthetics, rather than practicality.

Indeed, one of the main areas a website falls down in is its payment options. Whilst you may be able to use a global money transfer system effectively, there’s no saying that your customers can do the same. Which means it’s time to collect feedback, and think about the payment platforms that most people have access to, or are familiar with.

Is Your Website Easy to Understand?

Following on from the point above, if your website is hard to read, you’re not going to get any visitors sticking around for long. The layout of your website matters a lot, and it needs to have an attention retaining quality to it.

You need to keep information short and sweet, but still flowing and grammatically correct. You need to present images clearly and in the correct aspect ratio. And most of all, you need easy to use navigation tabs, to ensure people do not waste their time on your website! Indeed, it’s one of the best ways to counteract your bounce rate.

You Can Always Grade it

You can also turn to online website graders to help you out with ensuring your website is the online portal you need it to be. Indeed, if you want to be relevant to the internet and the methods it uses to ping the right search results back to a user, why not let your online portal be graded by the very same system? It doesn’t take long either, and it’s usually free to tap your URL in and get an instant score back.

So, how do you think your website is doing? Is it the portal you need it to be? Your website could be doing just fine, or it could use some work. Now’s the time to do some online research.

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