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How to Earn Money with Youtube - A Guide to Increase Youtube Subscribers

If you are searching how to earn money with Youtube then read here and get to know the ways to earn money from youtube.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

/ by Claire Divas
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In this day and age of media overlay in general lifestyle, hearing that people make millions off of YouTube comes as no surprise. To substantiate, Pewdiepie, a Swedish gamer with a maximum number of subscribers on YouTube, i.e. 104 million subscribers as in April 2020, earns about $8 million a month through YouTube revenue. While not everyone has the ambitions to become a full-time content creator, YouTube can be a great place to monetize on your hobbies like cooking and dance.

How to monetize a YouTube account?

The first step to making money off of YouTube is to monetize the YouTube account. YouTube pays about $0.03 to $0.05 per view. To monetize the account, a prerequisite is that there should be about $100 outstanding to the account. This basically means a channel has to receive about 20000 views before it can be monetized.

After this, there is a need to set up a Google AdSense account to receive payments from YouTube. Then, there is an option to select one or multiple videos to monetize and even the type of ads that you want to run. This can be done through YouTube Studio. There are even options on how to monetize the channel, which can be done through selling merchandise, creating channel memberships, etc.

How much does YouTube pay for subscribers?

You tube’s revenue paying system does not pay for subscribers. However, increasing subscribers is good for long term revenue increase, because of several reasons. The first and most prominent reason being that to subscribers, the videos are seen on the home page and they get a notification every time a video is uploaded. This basically means subscribers are more likely to view, comment, and share videos which in turn creates further buzz for the videos, generating more views. Thus even though subscribers don’t directly result in revenue generation, they are effective for both channel and revenue growth. Through channel subscribers, you can earn a large amount of money through youtube. So, you need to increase youtube subscribers by Buy Youtube Subscribers India, this is the best way to increase subscribers.

How to increase YouTube subscribers?

YouTube subscribers are just an aspect of brand loyalty towards the Youtuber. Therefore, it is imperative that the concepts of brand loyalty apply here. There are many ways to increase youtube subscribers which are mentioned below. Apart from that, you can also grab new subscribers from Buy Youtube Subscribers India. This technique also worked and many Youtubers opted this technique.  

Deliver Relatable Content 

This not only means creating content that is valuable, but also includes the process of identifying a niche. The niche could be anything, in terms of content or demographics. For example, you run a cooking channel whose maximum subscribers are from Thailand. Before expanding to other cuisines, it would pay to emphasize more on Thai dishes, as that is where most of the views come from.

However, the reverse of this principle would pay in the long run. For example, Burgers get a new wave of attention in Thailand, it would be wise to include burgers in your cuisine, which would also get views from other places where Burger is trending. And it helps in cross demographic engagement. For example, a person who loves burgers and Thai food, would come for one and stay for the other.

Focus on Community Engagement

The subscribers, in this case, are the majority of the community. Engaging in replying to comments about doubts or even general ones helps to create a personal touch to the brand, which in turn would invite more people to share and like the videos.

Post Regularly and Upgrade To Better Gear

Posting regularly helps the channel stay relevant to the perception of the viewers. At the same time, little things like better audio and video could increase the quality of the video. Over a period of time, using colours to emphasize brand values could go a long way. For example, if you make videos about environmental change, a green or blue background creates a much more soothing image than red or orange. 

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