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Inlay Marble Home Decoration Items at Hariom Handicrafts

If you are looking for an ideal home décor or a christmas gift that the receiver never forgets then Marble items sold by Hariom Handicrafts is the ideal pick for you.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

/ by Jennifer Fulford

Marble coaster sets

If you are looking for an ideal Home Decor or a christmas gift that the receiver never forgets then Marble coaster sets sold by Hariom Handicrafts is the ideal pick for you. Here at Hariom Handicrafts you will find an extensive range of coaster plates at affordable price range making them one of the best pick for your charismas gift. From delicately and beautifully crafted coffee coaster set with lapis lazuli malachite inlay design to white marble Aracia wood coaster sets you can get everything here.
Each product that you get here is crafted by experts who have years of experience in the art of making things aesthetically pleasing. With these coaster sets you can serve your guests with style and make a lasting impression on them. You can even use these coaster plates and sets as a Decor in your drawers as they make for a beautiful Decor piece.
Besides the above mentioned product there are plenty of other items available in our Marble coaster sets affordable price range so make sure you browse through our online product catalog to find the item that suits your taste the most and shop for the best in suitable prices.

Inlay Art White Marble Fruit Bowls

Serving fruits to your guests in the usual wooden fruit bowls is not enough to make them go awe anymore. There are many amazing options available in the market that you can get to decorate your living room table with juicy and delicious food. One such option is the white marble fruit bowls that are sold at Hariom Handicrafts. 
These intricately designed white Marble Fruit Bowls are an amazing choice for you if you wish to make serving fruits to your guests a Decor for your home. Now you might be wondering, what is so great about these fruit bowls there are plenty of other dealers selling the similar products? Right! Well, although there are many dealers offering fruit bowls in the market, they offer neither the quality such as ours nor the price range that we provide you with.  
So, if you are looking for quality products under a small budget then we are the best pick for you. We do not sell poorly designed products we know what our clients are looking for when they give us a visit and we strive to provide them with just that. Our experts have years of experience in designing the fruit bowls that can allure anyone with their beauty.

Marble lamps

So, you are still running around form one shop to another or from one website to another in the hope that you will find a good marble lamp for your living room. The marble lamps that you have seen so far are either too costly or does not match the standards of beauty and quality that you hold. If you are losing hope than don’t, because we are here to help you out with our Inlay Marble Lamps extensive range of affordable and beautifully designed Marble lamps.
Each marble lamp that is sold here at Hariom Handicrafts is crafted by expert craftsmen who has years of experience in this art. We can guarantee that our products will meet your expectations because we only strive to provide you with the top-class products that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So, browse through the marble lamps section of our website right now and see for yourself, the quality and price range that we got to offer. 
A marble lamp emits that light that you cannot get from a regular lamp the beautiful white light with a tint of yellow emitting from the beautifully designed marble will always ensure a goodnight sleep for you.

Marble flower vases

Gone are the days when the ordinary glass flower vase were enough to decorate your living room. Now you must think out of the box to stand out from the rest. If you were thinking about getting new Décor items for your home then consider purchasing an authentic Marble Flower Vase at Hariom Handicratfs.
The marble flower vases that you will find here has the design and beauty that you cannot find anywhere else, especially in the same price range. Most of the vases that you can get in similar price range are either too small or too plain. It’s a balance of both design and size of the lamp that makes for an aesthetically pleasing Décor. We keep this principal in mind while crafting each marble lamp piece that is being sold at our website. 
So, with us you are sure to find the marble flower vase that will enhance the beauty of your interior with its exceptionally beautiful design. We sell a complete range of such vases so make sure you check them out in our marble flower vases section of our website.

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