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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Sunday, July 5, 2020

/ by Claire Divas

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO seems to be a major buzzword in the sector of digital marketing. However, as popular as the phrase is, not everybody knows what SEO particularly entails. While the concept at a deeper level can be the quite complicated involving mathematical algorithm and other complex technicalities, in layman language SEO can be taken to mean as a tool through which the visibility of a particular website or webpage can increase to the digital users. 


What is the propose, rather objective of SEO? The objective is basically to rank higher in the results given by the search engine when a user is searching for something on the internet. For example, if an individual is looking for “Freelance SEO expert in Delhi” and types the same in the search engine, every freelance SEO expert in Delhi who have their website or webpage would want their website to be at the top ranks of search engine result. A user is way more likely to visit the websites shown on the first page of the search engine result and the more people visit a website the more the possibility for that freelancer to get clients.

Now, there are multiple ways through which the visibility of a webpage or website can be increased, one of which is editing or optimizing the content of the website. One way of optimizing content can be using effective keywords. One way by which a search engine furnishes and ranks result is by matching keywords. By means of complex algorithms, search engine collects data about what are the most searched keywords by millions of internet users across the globe when they are looking upon a particular topic. For example on the issue of environment, the most relevant keywords may be climate change, earth summit and the websites which have used these keywords most effectively in their content will have more chances of top ranking in the results furnished by search engines

The entire process of search engine optimization can seem to be a very long drawn and rather an indirect process for earning actual revenue and for an outsider investing in SEO might not seem to be the best idea. However, in order to understand the significance and importance of SEO, one needs to see it in the perspective of numbers. Millions of people are on the internet every day searching for a million things. So even if a very small percentage of that population visit a particular website and even in that population, a yet smaller percentage of visitors gets converted into customers, it’s a great plus for companies because here the population base is not in hundreds or thousands but rather in millions. This is the primary reason why many upcoming e-commerce websites publish blogs regularly, so as to remain relevant and appear on top of search engine results.

Apart from optimizing content, there are various other ways through which SEO for product page, for example via meta description of the webpage, URL customization and so on. The potential of SEO has been well understood by companies and organisations around the globe and hence the fact that it has become one of the key tools for digital marketers shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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