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SEO Tips to remember in 2021

Sunday, April 25, 2021

/ by Claire Divas

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), posses itself like a very complicated process of optimising digital content, over time, it does not appear as challenging as it initially did.
It is viable to divide the process of search engine optimisation into three essential fundamental parts:

1.    Technical Onsite Search Engine Optimisation
2.    Ongoing On-page Search Engine Optimisation
3.    Offsite Content and Link Building

I have emphasised on the second part today, which is, ongoing on-page SEO. I feel this is one of the most vital branches of the process of search engine optimisation. The process involves editing and revisitation of onsite content.

As we all know, keywords keep changing from time to time, and therefore it is vital to keep updating and optimising the content on a secure website regularly. Ongoing on-page search engine optimisation also helps in introducing new features and pages to your websites. 

It is a procedure followed by successful SEOs to maximise the results the content achieves from various search engines, including improvement in ranking, organic traffic and conversions.

The process of Ongoing on-page SEO can be undertaken in three simple steps:

1.     Identifying the top-performing pages of our website using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console should be the priority.

2.     Studying what the competitor websites are doing to optimise better their websites can be beneficial too. Setting realistic goals after pinpointing what the competition is doing right will lead to a highly optimised content of a website.

3.     Most importantly, the content of our website should be completely updated as frequently as possible, keeping in mind the before mentioned points. Constant editing and re-evaluation will surely give fruitful results.

4.     Let us not forget the remaining, not so high performing, pages of a website. Once the top-performing pages are optimised this content should not be left as it is, in turn, much effort should be made to optimise these pages as well.

The latest trends in on-page search engine optimisation are mostly focused on

1. User experience

2. Mobile compatibility

User experience in today's world is a top priority while conducting optimisation. The content presented on a website should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as be easily understandable. The queries put up by readers should be answered promptly, and also follow-up questions should be answered. The website loading speed also plays a vital role in the rankings of the website; a high-speed website is always ranked above a slower one.

Content these days has shifted its focus from mobile friendly to mobile-first. As being the most used device on the planet, all content should be easily accessible to mobile and tablet users.

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