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Ways to Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views for Your Channel

Sunday, November 1, 2020

/ by Claire Divas
With over a billion views every day, uploaded every single minute, YouTube connects the world under one umbrella of information. It is the gala of varied culture, ethnicity and differences in opinions, all with the holistic aim to unite the world and show people what the world really is, and what it comprises of.
Essentially like any other form of “job”, so to speak, YouTube works on certain pre-drawn strategies. It is mandatory to have a solid number of subscribers that is much critical for your YouTube success.

Everything is at sale at the right price and at the right time, it’s also perfectly acceptable to have your hands on the resources much needed to play a part in your advancement be it personal development or career opportunities. Even if you have to pay a small price for it, for instance, buying them off at the start, youtube views and subscribers are one of the most sought after of all resources to develop your stance in the virtual world of video and content creation. Your popularity and credibility both stand solely on this high and concrete foundation if not laid with utmost supervision and tactic can fall to dust crumbles, a list of devoted followers and views not only make you stand out also give you the biggest of all tools of popularity and word of mouth which ensures that your content travels lengths even when all you’re doing is resting your head. 

Happiness can be wrapped up in all shapes and sizes or as in this case in a bunch of extra views and subscribers this would not only give you the competitive edge and the first mover’s advantage to your exceptional and one of its kind content, but it shall also instil in you the much-needed starting boost of confidence, that will boat your inner self to strive for greater heights and goals. That’s what they say about opportunities you have to go out and grab them with both hands, It’s the world of fake it till you make it, now believing this shall work in the long run would be the biggest of all misconception and also thinking it wouldn’t benefit you at all would be another this will give you the much-desired popularity to start from a little head than from the start but only your very own exceptional skills and hard work will row you forward. Buying something to get ahead isn’t a crime but believing that shall be the only key to your destination is faulty.

Buying views and subscribers towards the start of your journey shall be the much-needed push your content blogging may need which will establish its well-deserved place in the world So go out there and buy however many of those views and subscribers you want but remember you have to pay the right price and that too twice, once while using it and the other time when you’re starting to think you can abuse it. Life is all about chances take yours preferably the right one. 

Buying YouTube subscribers and views can be a good idea only if tactfully done because otherwise, it bears the risk of having your account suspended and even banned. Listed below are few lucrative ways to buy subscribers and views for your YouTube channel:

Instant Purchase
There are instant relief services that have a significant number of YouTubers and YouTube accounts in their database ready to follow your channel for payment. You have to visit their website, choose a package according to your requirement, and make the payment. 
One example of this service is Buyytsubscribersindia with which you buy 100% real subscribers and not bots. You can further increase your engagement by buying views and likes. YouTube’s terms define buying promotional services as legal as long as those services are generated by legitimate users. Stormviews meets these criteria. 

Google Ads
Google’s ad platform permits you to promote your YouTube channel to a multitude of people. With Google Ads, you are technically not buying subscribers but rather paying for views and engagement that will lead to an increase in the number of subscribers and views. Google Ads allows you to target a specific audience. Using Google Ads, you can acquire video views for a bare minimum of $0.02 (₹1.47) per view. Converting those views into subscribers can cost you as much as $1-2 (₹74-147) per subscriber. 

Other Ad Network
You can divert traffic to your YouTube channel through other advertising networks such as Facebook ads. It breaks down to disrupting people on other social networks or websites and directing them to come and view your YouTube videos, instead of engaging them while they are on the platform already. 
The cost-per-view for this service is significantly higher, almost $0.30 (₹22.10) per view or more. Subsequently, the expense of acquiring subscribers also comes massive.

Influencer Marketing
Another lucrative way of buying YouTube subscribers is collaborating with influencers on a paid campaign. Influencers with highly engaged social media are across all social media platforms including YouTube. The quickest, safest, and most authentic way to increase your audience on YouTube, in terms of both subscribers and views, without making payment for ads or purchasing subscribers is to target a group of influencers to promote your channel by creating personalized content for you. 
Online tools such as Upfluence can help you search an expansive database of YouTubers to find the right influencers. 

The above-mentioned methods can come very useful and are safe if you choose to buy subscribers and viewers for your YouTube channel.

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