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Know About Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views for Your Channel

Sunday, November 15, 2020

/ by Claire Divas

Subscribers and views are the currency of YouTube. The worth of a YouTube channel owner is reflected by these two enactors. The subscribers and views can either be built organically or be bought. Buying is the shortcut that can give short term success but has risks of hindering the channel and its image. Whereas organic subscribers and views assure of quality, substantial long term success and credibility for the channel and its owner. The intensive cut-throat competition among YouTubers has instigated the need for buying views and subscription. This article comprehensively explains everything about this matter that has been brought to light by recent accusations and revelations about huge stars like Badshah and Deji who allegedly resorted to buying views to gain popularity on YouTube.

It is widely known now that subscriptions, views, likes and comments can all be bought. But what actually matters to be legitimate is the quality that you are buying. Buying Google or YouTube ads can accelerate a channel’s growth and are legitimate. But there are illegitimate views that qualify under “fake views” that are provided by click farms and bots. The YouTube algorithms are so designed that they can track which views lead to future engagement and those that are just meant to increase views artificially. Thus due care needs to be taken while buying the views and subscription as their quality and legitimacy can have a considerable impact on the reputation and credibility of the channel and owner. It can also help avoid any punitive or disciplinary action by YouTube-like, channel delays or termination.

YouTube, on the other hand, is constantly striving to protect its authenticity by battling with these bots and malware. Initiatives are being taken to track these down and improve the quality and credibility of their own company by assuring the viewers that the content being presented to them is free from any illegal or illegitimate manipulations. YouTube is modifying algorithms to weigh and assess views by pairing them with other interactions like the duration of watching videos, likes, comments or subscriptions. This further facilitates distinguishing fake or illegitimate views and subscriptions from real ones.

This issue of buying views and subscriptions is not new. It has been prevalent since YouTube gained popularity and scammers found a new opportunity. Thus due diligence while buying can mitigate the risk of any loss to the channel. However, the best way is to organically increase your views and subscriptions by working on your content and finding other legitimate ways to increase the popularity of your channel. Don’t forget, the sole purpose is to gain popularity but by engaging in buying fake views hinders the credibility and can hamper the future growth of the channel.

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