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Gaming Gear For Anyone Who's Not Ready For The PS5

Thursday, December 3, 2020

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this year, you’ve probably spotted that Sony has been busy launching the PlayStation 5, its latest gaming console. The company has poured a lot of money into a variety of marketing campaigns. And it’s fair to say that game enthusiasts have found the effort noteworthy and commendable. For a 48-hour marketing stunt, Sony took over one of London’s most iconic tube stations, rebranding the decor with the recognizable PlayStation shapes. They’ve also extended the rebranded decor to other tube stations in town, in a nod to popular games such as Gran Turismo and Spider-Man. Sony has also announced a collaboration with US rapper Travis Scott to bring new fans on board.

The bottom line: We’re surrounded by incentives to buy the PS5. Sony has been very smart and creative about bringing the new-gen console to the market. Yet, you’re not convinced. Sure, it’s a great console, but you’re already satisfied with the gaming gadgets you’ve got. So, how about upgrading your gaming gear to make the most of what you already have and like?

Gaming Gear For Anyone Who's Not Ready For The PS5

Access classic gaming consoles

Nothing quite beats the fun of previous gaming consoles. They were not as advanced as the PS5, but they are filled with happy memories for many gamers. Do you still own an old gaming console? In which case, it can be a good idea to scroll through the depth of eBay or Craigslist to find some classic games. You’d be surprised by how many people still own old consoles and games! You could also use PS emulators or Gamecube roms for PC to enjoy some of the oldies without the hassle of maintaining an old console.

Accessorize your existing console

When was the last time you upgraded your gaming console with new gadgets? You can get yourself a set of professional gaming controllers that are hyperresponsive and fully programmable. They’re a must-have for players who want more from their gaming experience. Another great idea to enhance your experience is to look into immersive technology such as VR sets. More and more games have introduced a VR play to accommodate the set, so you can play a familiar game with the VR addition. God of War in VR is mind-blowingly challenging and rewarding, according to players! Some games are also VR only, so it’s a nice way of exploring what’s available.

Gaming Gear For Anyone Who's Not Ready For The PS5

Dive into arcade paradise

Do you remember how exhilaratingly brutal the gaming experience was on arcade machines? You had only one chance to succeed. There was no save button until you’ve reached the end of the level. More to the point, if you wanted to carry on playing after losing, you had to push another coin into the machine. If you were too slow, you’d have to start the game again! Arcade games were not as strikingly beautiful and engaging as a game such as Last of Us or The Last Guardian, but they made up for it with action-packed excitement. So adding the Pandora Box S9 arcade console to your gaming collection could be the best decision you make.

Not ready to buy the PlayStation 5 despite all the marketing efforts Sony has put into the launch? There are other options to make your gaming experience exciting again!

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