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Instructions to Follow For Buying Cake

Friday, December 4, 2020

/ by Claire Divas


Buying cake online can be a bit of a task if you’re new to the subject, but if you follow the instructions below then it might feel like a piece of cake.

Especially in this pandemic situation where we’re still in the lockdown or unlock phase buying cakes from the online stores is the safer and more sufficient mode of choice.

  1. Authenticity Of The Online Store:

Check whether the online store actually exists in reality cause nowadays many people try to put up fake identities of a store which leads to online fraud.

But don’t worry you can avoid this just by searching the store's name on Google.

You can also avoid this kind of fraud if you order from a well-known store or from a store that was recommended to you by your friend or any close one.


  1. Choosing The Exact Type/Variety Of The Cake You Need:

Choose the weight and shape of the cake as per your requirement.

Weight of the cake may vary according to the number of people and their eating habits.


         250gm cake = 3-5 people

          500gm cake = 6-10 people

And if it’s a bigger event with more people then you should try to take suggestions directly from the online store services by contacting them on their number that would be given on the website.

The shape of the cake also varies according to the occasion and you must choose the cake that suits you and your occasion the most.

Flavor and toppings of the cake also play a vital role so choose the cake that would have your favorites in it.

You can also order some customized cakes ( of your choice, you just have to contact the cake store personally with the given or available phone number.


  1. Choosing The Locality And Delivery Mode Of The Cake Store:

On an online store you can order cake from wherever you want, so make sure to choose the right branch of the cake store from the given options.

If you need a speedy delivery then you must choose the nearest store to your location.

But, if you have any favorite store that you used to visit in the past or in the non-pandemic times you can try to choose that branch too, it’s just that it might take a bit longer if the your chosen store is a little far from your location.

And always keep one thing in mind that this is a tough time for all of us, so there are chances that the delivery may take a bit longer than usual so just be patient and try to be in touch with the delivery guy.

  1. Looking For The Desired Payment Options:

There are a variety of payment options online, like:

  • Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • UPI

Apps like:

  •                 Google Pay
  •                  Paytm
  •                  Phone pay

You can also choose POD (Pay On Delivery).

But also take care you don’t use any shady or risky method of paying even if given choice, try to only use the methods enlisted above.

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