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How to Increase the Number of Youtube Subscribers

Friday, January 29, 2021

/ by Claire Divas

Gain Youtube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the most influential platforms when it comes to the concept of video sharing websites. Video marketing through YouTube is one of the most integral parts of digital marketing strategies. 

How to optimize your youtube video?

Some ways to optimize your YouTube videos according to the YouTube algorithm are:
Create effective metadata.
Research your competitors
Do a YouTube keyword research
Use long-tail keywords as tags on YouTube

The quality and engagement of a video are measured by considering the following points.
How much part of the video someone watches before closing it.
The number of viewers who like the video.
The number of viewers who dislike the video.
The number of comments on your video.

How to increase the number of youtube subscribers?

Do a keyword search: You should do keyword research for every video that you upload on Youtube. This will help you to rank better in the search results. Good keyword optimization is a must to increase your subscribers. 

Optimization of the videos: You should optimize your videos for the target keyword phrase before uploading them on Youtube. It is also recommended to keep optimizing your videos after uploading them on youtube. 

Engagement for the video: It is essential to get engagement for your video after uploading it. Share your videos to your target audience and other social networking websites. Try to increase the number of views on your videos to improve your ranking and increase the number of subscribers. 

Give a theme to your Youtube channel: You must have seen that many of the youtube channels have a theme. This theme will help you to create consistent content for your target audience. Try to produce videos on the topics that can solve someone’s problems. 

Use video editing software: A good video editing software will help you to improve the quality of your YouTube videos. You should speak properly while recording your videos. You can try to invest in a good quality microphone for your videos. 

Reasons for the failure of your video:

The reasons due to which videos fail to get popularity are:

They are boring.
The content in the video is not realistic.
The video fails to cater to the target audience.
The video fails to get the attention of the viewers.
The content is not entertaining.
The Youtube video is non-descriptive.
The video is not promoted after its publication.


Optimizing videos on your channel has become very important in today’s world. There are so many competitors of the same content on YouTube. The only way to stand out from this competition is to use the right tools for the optimization of YouTube and Google algorithms. You can also use an SEO tool to help you to identify the best keywords for your videos. Once you know all these points, you will be able to produce better video content. These are some steps that you should follow to increase the number of viewers and subscribers for your youtube channel.

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