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What are the Benefits of Being a Nurse in Kuwait?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

/ by Claire Divas
nursing jobs in Kuwait

To begin with, if you choose a career as a nurse, you must consider working in Kuwait. When you work as a nurse in middle east countries, the chances of you getting paid are higher. Unfortunately, sometimes working in your home country can get you lower pay. Generally, in the beginning, you might not see it as a problem because you might be wondering that you will be paid higher after some time. But as you are aware your time is very important. Especially in some countries if you are a woman, you have limited time to achieve your success. As a result, you have to think smart before starting anything. You must know what is right and what is wrong for you. Generally, just like everybody, even you will not want to waste your precious time. Especially when you could have made your career. Similarly, making the right choice for your nurse career is important for you.

Furthermore, when you search for jobs in Kuwait, you will need to understand the working of the system. Now, you can not just visit Kuwait and apply for jobs. Generally, you will need to follow a procedure after you become eligible for working in Kuwait. In addition to that, No country will want an unprofessional or non-licensed person to work in their hospitals. So, you need to make sure that you have all your paper arranged properly. You must make sure that you ace your entrance exam because unless you clear your exam you will not be eligible to work as a nurse in Kuwait. Now, to help you understand more about the nursing jobs in Kuwait, we have brought you some information that will help you in applying for jobs in Kuwait.


Now, the first and important question is are you eligible to work as a nurse in Kuwait? If you are not aware of your eligibility to work you do not need to worry. Luckily, we are here to explain to you exactly what you will need to be eligible. Firstly, you will need to have a scientific certificate for your nursing learning. This certificate usually should be from an accredited institution where you practised your nursing studies. In addition to that, if you have experience in the nurse job field, it will only work as best for you. Secondly, as you will travel to a different country, you can not be younger than 21 years old. This means you will need to be at least  21 years old to apply for a nurse job in Kuwait. Thirdly, and importantly, you must make sure that you do not have any disreputable felony. In other words, you must not have been connected to any disreputable felony. Lastly, you must be fit to work and complete your job. 

Benefits of Working as a Nurse in Kuwait;

  1. You will get a good salary:

Generally, when you work as a nurse in Kuwait, it is not the same as working in different countries. Luckily, the average salary you may get is $26000 around a year. Your salary depends on many factors such as your qualifications, speciality, experience, and many more. But the salary you get in Kuwait by working as a nurse is higher compared to your home country. In addition to that if you are a specialized nurse, for instance, if you work in adult intensive care or operating room your salary will be higher compared to the average salary.  

  1. Your salaries will be tax-free:

Now, you might think that the salary Kuwait offers is low for you. Especially, if you are from western countries, you might feel the salary of Kuwait is low. However, when you are getting paid in Kuwait, you are not charged for tax, your salaries are tax-free. However, this only works when you reside in Kuwait. If you are staying outside of the country, or if you are a resident of some other country in that case you might need to pay a tax of the country. 

  1. Annual leave for you:

Furthermore, when you work in Kuwait, you are given a generous annual leave where you can go meet and spend time with your family. In addition to that, you are also offered free flights, You also have free medical care. In addition to that, if you work in a higher position you also get benefits for your family as stated in the contract.

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