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What is the Ashford Formula Application Process?

Monday, May 31, 2021

/ by Claire Divas
ashford formula

Many things are easy to use but the process of their application is very complicated, this is why many people think that applying to the Ashford formula or the application takes so much time but that’s not true, applying for the Ashford formula does not require a lot of your precious time or not involve the complicated procedure. 

Ashford formula applied on two types of surfaces, the first is existing concrete and the second is to apply on the freshly new concrete surface. If the Ashford formula is applied to the existing concrete, the floors need to be prepared so, make sure the floor should be clean and other particles or compounds are stripped and removed completely. You can get this service by visiting the site.

Only one application of the Ashford Formula is enough to permanently densify the concrete surface. Ashford Formula Dubai is available.

So here is the full application procedure:- 

  • The starting thing of the application procedure no matter whether it’s a new or existing concrete, is to spray the Ashford formula on the surface with a low-pressure sprayer there is no other recommendation like high volume sprayers or airless sprayer is not needed. You just need to spray the Ashford formula on all the surface slabs. 
  • For getting the flood coat on the floor surface the material should be applied at approximately 5m square /L. But how will you get that, this is Right? So that means if someone steps on the material that you are applying, the footprints of their muddy shoes should disappear within 3-4 seconds. We all want a floor that can easily be cleaned with water or free from dust or dirt. 
  • Once you achieve the flood coat, the material should be the fine bristled brooms to help preserve the concrete's surface. 
  • Once you apply the Ashford formula on the surface for a minimum of 30 minutes the formula becomes a slippery thing or converted into a gel. If the temperature is high or in hot condition the Ashford formula converts into slippery form prematurely. If this happens with your Ashford formula it is necessary to fog the whole floor with the water to keep the Ashford formula in liquid form for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  • After the 30 minutes elapsed the Ashford formula starts to turn slippery, it can be washed away with the water to clean the gel that occurs over the floor. 
  • After washing the floor with water, the water is on the slab, the surface should be started to loosen all the excess Ashford formula from the concrete surface. Now, this is a time to squeeze dry and let the dry floor for 2 to 3 hours. 
  • Now the final step is to squeeze and flush with an automatic scrubbing machine. This will squeeze, broom and dry, all in one easy pass. Now Ashford formula Sharjah is also available.

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