Office 2011 For Mac - Installation And Removal Guide

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Software: Office 2011 & 2016 | Last modified on 2018-06-18

  • Don't remove files with PlayReady and Silverlight in the name
  • When removing the folder Microsoft User Data make sure a backup is present

This is a guide on how to safely and efficiently install and remove Microsoft Office 2011 on Mac systems.

[Solution 1] Removing Office 2011

  • Important while removing Office 2011 for MAC is that the MAC HD Library holds data for all User Accounts and the User Library holds are user-related settings.

    [Step 1] First you remove the applications itself

  1. Open finder, click GO and choose Applications.
  2. In this folder you remove the Microsoft Office 2011 folder.

    [Step 2] Then you remove the Office data for all user accounts

  1. Open finder, click GO and choose Computer.
  2. In the next window you choose the Hard Disc (by default called MAC HD)
  3. Then click Library
  4. Next, click Application Support
  5. Then click Microsoft
  6. Remove the following 2 folders if present: MAU (Microsoft Auto Update) and MERP (Microsoft Error Reporting) (Don't remove the folders PlayReady and Silverlight)

  7. Go back to Library
  8. Then go to Fonts
  9. Remove the Microsoft folder

  10. Then go back to Library
  11. Next, go to Launch Daemons
  12. Remove all files starting with

  13. Then go back to Library
  14. Next, go to PrivilegedHelperTools
  15. Remove all files starting with

  16. Then go back to
  17. Next, go to Preferences
  18. Remove all files starting with (DO NOT remove the files with PlayReady and Silverlight in the name)

    [Step 3] Remove the user specific office data

  1. First you have to go to the User Library which is hidden by default. You can make this visible in the following way. Open Finder, click GO, press and hold the alt (option key) Library will be visible and choose User Library.
  2. Then open Application Support
  3. Next, open Microsoft
  4. Remove the Office folder (this holds the autorecovery files, normal.dotm, custom templates etc.)

  5. Then go back to the Library
  6. Open Preferences
  7. Remove all files

  8. While in Library open ByHost
  9. Remove all files

    [Step 4] Removing the Office applications / icons from dock.

  1. Right click an Office application / icon on the dock, choose options and then choose remove from dock
  2. Drag it to an empty spot on the desktop
  3. Drag it to the Recycle Bin / Trash

    [Step 5] Remove the Temporary Installation files

  1. Open Finder, click GO, click Go To Folder
  2. Type /private/var/db/receipts and press enter
  3. Remove all files

    [Step 6] Once this has all been removed you only have the Outlook data left

  1. Open Finder, click GO and choose Documents
  2. Here you find a folder called Microsoft User Data. This holds important Outlook user settings / data.
  3. If you remove it make sure you have a backup first. If you only want to delete everything related to the applications leave this folder.

[Solution 2] Installing Office 2011

    [Step 1] Downloading Office 2011 For Mac Systems

  1. If you are setting up Office 365 (subscription):
  2. If you would like to reinstall Office 365:
  3. If you would like to reinstall Office 2011 perpetual / stand-alone:
  4. If you would like to order a backup DVD:

    [Step 2] Installing Office 2011 for Mac systems

  1. Open the downloaded file and install the application by following the installation process.

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